Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf strikes!

Stuff of legends wtf
I've heard about it, I've seen the posters all around and I've angsted over NOT being able to attend it.
BUT NOT THIS YEAR. THIS YEAR I SURE AS HELL GOT MY BOOK-LOVING ASS THERE! :D I've nothing but praises for how they handled such a huge event! Okay maybe not, probably got a complain or two but was truly impressed by the management and system they had there. Well done Book Xcess (or whoever was in charge of it.YK reckons they've hired an agency for the event management and publicity, which is most probably true because they would obviously need an expert in events to organize such a huge one was this), well done!

So I took last last week off from university and head down to KL/Sitiawan for some family matters. While in Sitiawan, found out my brother's won two media passes for a day ahead visit to the book fair, only open to the media! YES, that means millions of books and we'd be the very firsts to sift through and grab them bargains like nobody's business! But sadly, as much as we contemplated over and over driving to KL for a day-trip, it just wasn't right. So we stayed on in Sitiawan. T_______T Eh but kan I don't think I've seen him very often reading a book lah, lately he's been buying so many books, hundreds even ever since the last Big Bad Wolf sale but everytime I see him he's stuck in front of the laptop playing online games -____- He even got a brand new bookshelf for his room and it's all filled to the brim already. More than half of which I reckon he's yet to even started reading! I DON'T EVEN!

Anyways, we were driving back to KL from Sitiawan in two cars and he didn't even stop by at home before speeding of to the Big Bad Wolf sale in Serdang (which is thankfully, could be considered nearby!). I was following my dad's car so we went home to unload all the stuff and luggages, before YK came by to pick me up and off we went to the sale! TAPI TETIBA KESESATAN JALAN! EPIC! T__________T I was so excited tak sabar-sabar, sempat lagi imagine how it would be like and how I would start book-hunting, then suddenly we're on goodness knows what highway like tepi-tepi bergunung-ganang hutan-belutan all. SCARY OKAY, like on the way to Seremban already wtf AND THEN CAR NO PETROL ALMOST SAMPAI EMPTY DAH. Highway damn bloody endless some more have to pass by three tolls, one ringgit each! By the time reach the book fair kat MAEPS, Serdang near UPM, both damn mangzhang (irritable) already wtf also, they should have put more banners and directions to the Big Bad Wolf Sale, especially in that UPM/Serdang area itself.

Commercial break - guess who's got a feather headband! ;D ♥

Okay back to the story. Sampai-sampai there (like forty minutes later perhaps?), woar MAEPS is huge! Even from the numerous parking lots all over, the building seems small and far away! Damn I should have taken a picture kan? Damn excited that time until lupa dunia already. So randomly park somewhere, and saw that there were shuttle busses everywhere. Brownie point count - one! Along one stretch of the road, there will be at least two or three busses to shuttle you to the Exhibition Hall so people don't really have to wait actually. Which is really great, because that place's so barren and the sun's so terribly sunny.


The shuttle stopped along the entrance of the hall and there were tents lined up for the comfort of those who have to queue up. Luckily, the queue wasn't that long and they were letting people in in batches of twenty-thirty people so it was quick. There were even stalls (I think?) selling food/drinks at the sides, with tables and chairs ready. Brownie point count - two! Went in, and mind went blank like those dream-comes-true moment. I think i stopped breathing for a bit as well, it was that huge and that awesome! Piles and piles of books stacked on each other, as far as the my eyes can see. AND THEN I ATTACKED THEM.

SO FRIGGIN' DIRT CHEAP! In this first trip, I bought a total of 19books for RM174! Got three cookbooks - Nigella's Christmas (don't judge me), Japanese Kitchen (not that surprising huh) and Jamie Oliver (for Mins) for RM20-R25 each. Some Saiyuki and Samurai Deeper Kyo for RM3 each (original price about RM35 okay!), classics - Oliver's Twist and Emma for RM6 each, Reading Lolita in Tehran and Red Azalea that I've always wanted, and other random books that looks interesting. Also got the Natalie Wood one on a whim, because I watched the short series of her life on Hallmark for quite a few times last time, and thought her gorgeous. Besides, it's only RM8, if I didn't like it I can just give it to anyone. Would have gotten more if the box I was holding wasn't so terribly heavy!

Free three years of Book Xcess membership, whoots! :D

Time nak bayar for the books kan, there were a surprising number of cashier counters lined up from one end to the other, and each had ANOTHER cashier counter in front. Meaning it was like a two-layers kind of row of cashier counters. Brownie point count - three! They had at least three staff assisting in each counter too so the payment process was really quick. They sorted the books according to the prices, and the person behind the cashier will key it in accordingly. AND if there's just too many books for the owner to carry, they'll get a porter to trolley them out to the pick up point for you! Brownie point count - four!

At the pick up point, either you or your friend will be given a tag so that they can drive in to pick up the books at the Exhibition Hall exit. There'll also be people selling drinks under the tents set up, complete with chairs for you to sit and rest while you jaga the books. Then bila your friend sampai with his/her car, the staff on standby there will help you with the books, carrying them for you to where you want to put them. Brownie point count - four! If only they had more staff at this point though, because nobody helped us. The few of them were too busy layaning some questions, and not even one came to help though they were right in front of us. Boo them. And tak cukup signs to guide people to the pick up point! Grr, makan them brownies balik!


Well that wasn't going to stop us! I went back for another round with my dad and brother the next day! :D The Harmony Silk Factory for RM8, been wanting to read that for so long! The Principles of Uncertainty for RM10, whimsical illustrations on every colourful page, love how utterly random it is. And there's some other books that seem interesting enough! I must confess though, am such a total sucker for nicely done front covers. Like The Elephant Keeper and Ben Okri's Starbook, stories I wouldn't usually be brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and buy for myself. Am also a sucker for books about life during the old Japan times, or old China history. Especially books on the Cultural Revolution, and geishas wtf. I can't wait to read them books one by one, and not having to slow myself down just because I'm worried I won't have anything else to read after. I know right, am such a book nerd! :D

Lookity look, guess again who got what for me! :D 

A charming little weekly scheduler/organizer, beautifully done with vintage-like brown paper inside. Goodness knows I've been looking for THIS book for years, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Of course, pretty much all the big bookstores sell it, but I want it cheap! I want it dirt cheap! Am never going to pay full price for books anymore! ;D So yeah let this gorgeous little scheduler be a preview of the great book that I will one day have. That, and Murakami. Book Xcess, you'd better stock them soon! ;D

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Green tea frapp is always relevant

Funny how time flies so quickly. As cliche as it sounds, it's very much how I feel.
A year ago, I attended the funeral of my grandmother. Another year back, I was attending colourful events with equally colourful people in Penang. And now, here I am on a rainy day, sipping my green tea frappucino and talking like an old cat lady reminiscing past glories. This year has been good to me though, so far. Best of all, I found love, in the most unexpected of place and person 

Penang's weather is so unpredictable, especially during the last quarter of the year. Wow look at me talking about the weather. I clearly have nothing much else to say. To be honest though, I only opened this page to start a new post because I've got nothing else to do while I wait for the epic Arashi commercials for AU KDDI smartphones to finish downloading. and Facebook is getting on my nerves lately. Too much, Zuckerberg, too much. But seeing as it's the only portal through which I can contact people (MSN lays forgotten) and heck, even 20% of my grades for Japanese comes from posting up stuff on our Facebook group wtf so cannot go cold turkey totally emo Facebook.

Oh and have you heard, I've become a sort of a baby nommer lately. You know how in primary school you always hear of those old witches/bomohs/shamans who noms young kids so they can maintain their youthful looks? Yah, I've turned into that lately. Especially ridiculously adorable little babies whose cheeks grow sideways into fluffy marshmallows, and them fat tiny little hands! OMNOMNOM! But Grobe always say cannot cannot, she don't let me nom them. Boo her.  :(

Monochromatic. Yes/No?

Why hello there! Kind of went under the radar after the ke-over-an of the last post huh! ;)

News is, I'm back in Penang!
The new semester has started and crazy how time flies and suddenly I'm already in my third year. License to go all cocky on the juniors huh hahahaha! I know I said I was totally going to blog about some things and even made a list and all. Well screw that. I'm way too lazy to dig up and blow the dust off them memories. Let memories be memories, eh? :) ♥ (EXCUSES WTF) One thing I'm really going to do though, is to talk about the great time I had celebrating my birthday with the happy shiny people!

Not now though wtf for I have visited the Forever21 shop in Queensbay and spend some good time camwhoring while trying on clothes! Gawd that was such a good day, just escaping to Queensbay on a weekday afternoon with the Grobe, then going all ketamakan with Japanese food and trying on pretty clothes. It's like a tradition dah hahahaha when both have no class, mari kita serang Queensbay! :)

Okay F21 is totally running dry of dresses lately, I don't get their latest collection/trend! Like, wtf bring them sinfully sexy cute dresses of past seasons back! It used to be that I would refrain myself from looking around F21 too much for fear of falling in love with
ridiculously overpriced prettiness that I cannot afford yet cannot live a day without pining/itching for them. Now, it's like round dua puluh kali pun susah nak cari something that I'd really really like to wear. Which is actually different from saying that there isn't anything that I like. I like many many things there that I find aesthetically pleasing but I know I could never wear or pull off unless I start adopting an eating disorder or two. And also because sometimes they're just not my style. Uh huh, I so AM picky like that.

and so the other day, I FOUND THIS

Note how it fits in all the right places, and the material feels so comfortable and well, worth the price. Can't stand those flimsy, practically see-through tops and simple dresses that costs bloody three figures. F21 are so good at doing that. I don't even understand where all the money goes! What, into gallons of bleach for the clothes to thin out for that transparent, worn-out effect? Or into decorating with store with bright shiny things and good rockin' music? Yeah, that must be it.

But as I was saying, isn't that the most fab dress over! Plus it looks good on my skin tone and my uhm fuller figure wtf. Cinched in the right places, puffed out slightly at the needed areas and fits so snugly on where it matters without looking too much of a try-hard. How is this not love? :) ♥ BUT THIS PIECE OF AWESOME COSTS RM109 WTF which is truthfully, pretty reasonable sort of. but as fate/luck/life/whatever would have it, I just happen to be someone who hardly buys anything that needs me to fork out more than RM30 FML.

Well, if I can't bloody own it, might as well make that best of it by taking loads of pictures and cheating people into thinking that I actually have an enviable wardrobe by setting it as my Facebook profile picture wtf

Sorry, snowflake interruption alert! Too much boobies hanging about. Not recommended for general audiences wtf even the originally-risque picture on the right has been Photoshopped for the safe viewing of acquaintances and family members on Facebook. But do agree with me that my hair looks great in those pictures! Sadly in reality it only lasts like fifteen seconds after I fluff them with my hands, and then it turns into some healthy-looking but really limp flat hair. Which I don't like. Yes, bring me my brightly-coloured messy unhealthy fluffy hair anytime! Ke-dollarsign-ha! ;D and is it just me, or does plain colourless contact lenses suit me better? :D

Gawd I'm so thankful that my skin have been good to me lately ever since I used this amazing toner that made SUCH a difference in the quality of my skin. Who knew looking around Watsons for the cheapest bargain for a toner could lead to such an improvement in my shallow life. Perhaps I'll do a post on it soon, here. Pfft not that I'll even be paid for the free advertising, but hell it DID made my skin look great so it deserves that at least. Why am I talking about a bottle of toner like it's the most important thing in my life?

So yeah as you would have already known, it was my birthday almost exactly a month ago DEAR LAWD I JUST REALISED THAT. A MONTH. Time, can slow down a little bit ah my brain cannot catch up. A couple of days prior to that, I got a message on Facebook from someone telling me that he'd like to send a gift for my birthday. Remember this picspam post? Uh huh, the same kind friend from Japan wishes to give me a gift for my birthday. And a perhaps about a week ago, I received it! :D

It came in a pretty pale blue paper wrapping bearing a beautiful sakura motif fabric photoframe, a simple but lovely birthday card and a tiny little stuffed teddy keychain.♥ So much thought and kindness from A-san! Thank you thank you thank you! I'll have to put together a nice gift for his family and him for Christmas nanti. Maybe more of those Penang white coffee? :)