Sunday, October 2, 2011

Green tea frapp is always relevant

Funny how time flies so quickly. As cliche as it sounds, it's very much how I feel.
A year ago, I attended the funeral of my grandmother. Another year back, I was attending colourful events with equally colourful people in Penang. And now, here I am on a rainy day, sipping my green tea frappucino and talking like an old cat lady reminiscing past glories. This year has been good to me though, so far. Best of all, I found love, in the most unexpected of place and person 

Penang's weather is so unpredictable, especially during the last quarter of the year. Wow look at me talking about the weather. I clearly have nothing much else to say. To be honest though, I only opened this page to start a new post because I've got nothing else to do while I wait for the epic Arashi commercials for AU KDDI smartphones to finish downloading. and Facebook is getting on my nerves lately. Too much, Zuckerberg, too much. But seeing as it's the only portal through which I can contact people (MSN lays forgotten) and heck, even 20% of my grades for Japanese comes from posting up stuff on our Facebook group wtf so cannot go cold turkey totally emo Facebook.

Oh and have you heard, I've become a sort of a baby nommer lately. You know how in primary school you always hear of those old witches/bomohs/shamans who noms young kids so they can maintain their youthful looks? Yah, I've turned into that lately. Especially ridiculously adorable little babies whose cheeks grow sideways into fluffy marshmallows, and them fat tiny little hands! OMNOMNOM! But Grobe always say cannot cannot, she don't let me nom them. Boo her.  :(

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