Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to December

I think I've always been a sad person by default.
Rather than being depressed because something bad happened,
something good has to happen to make me NOT feel depressed.

Thought growing up would change things, thought growing up would make me happy.
But sometimes I just feel as if nothing's going to change no matter how hard I try.

If this is really who I am, why am I trying so fucking hard to fight it?

Because I want to be happy, that's why.

But I'm not.
I hate Decembers.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Terribly neglected kan, blog ini?
Can't quite organize my thoughts with coherency right now,
so let them many many yummy pictures speak for themselves! :D
Below are pictures of food stuff I had in the past weeks/month or so.

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Starbucks. Good lawd the amount of Starbucks I had lately. Three times already this week!
Whether it's to camp there all day to get some work done, or just a quick tapao...sigh. Recently discovered and got super addicted to this one particular drink - green tea soy latte ♥ Perfect balance of green tea bitterness and mellow soy to balance it all out into pure perfection. (Repetitive gila) Not sure if it tastes as good iced, but a nice hot cup on any weather is happiness! This addiction is further encouraged by having friends who work in several Starbucks all over Penang. Thankfully, they only work very part-time! ;)

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Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. Don't even know how to bloody pronounce it,
but boy do they know how to make bread. Or any kind of food served there. Or desserts. Or macaroons. I'm a total bread person, and stepping into that place was absolute heaven. All sorts of temptingly fresh bread to pick from, and a variety of pasta and
(really really tasty!) pizza as well. The mushroom soup I had was good too, really thick, creamy and heavily textured with chopped pieces of mushrooms ♥ Fortunately, I missed the desserts section and only saw it after I stood quite a while in line and ordered the main courses. Otherwise I would really have been unstoppable, especially with the choice of macaroons.. Word of warning though, a full meal ain't exactly cheap.

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Zhu chap chouk  near Petaling Street! Sorry ah pinyin  fail wtf.
Let's just say it's a nice hot bowl of scrumptious porridge with pork innards. Not so much up to my taste as my favourite zhu chap chouk  in Penang, but still pretty damn good with a nice touch of crunchiness contributed by those deep fried pork..something. Just amazing on a chilly rainy day mmmmm ALSO, THOSE MEATBALLS. Soft, salty, succulent and oh-so-tasty. Best meatballs I've ever had! Yes, best! Uhm second picture is just a simple breakfast I made for myself when I was in KL. Simple buttered toast, and eggs with cheese and pepper ♥ So delicious, and made me look forward to mornings
(or rather, noon) so much more!

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Antipodean at Telawi Street, Bangsar. Known for their coffee,
but I'm hardly the person to comment on the quality of coffee. I'm more of a tea (or in this particular case, strawberry milkshake!) person. Dessert person too, but Antipodean's dessert really sucked. The lemon meringue was a disappointment. Not even mediocre, it just sucked. Oh that's the book I was reading then - Fruit Hunters, just RM10 from the Big Bad Wolf sale. That's a really good book, very informative with lots of never-before-known fruit-knowledge and I just couldn't stop reading until I finished it. Did you know that there's a type of berry where after having just one bite of it, any sour food you eat for the next couple of hours will taste amazingly sweet! It's so amazing that it was actually banned in America for fear of the affecting the sugar industry. There is also a type of fruit that looks exactly like a woman's sex but I forgot the name. Good luck Googling wtf. Back to my main theme, that's a plate of chicken lying on a bed of grilled tomatoes and long beans
(or was it asparagus?) in some balsamic sauce. So good, tangy and not too overly sharp. Yums!

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Fried quail's egg with fish sauce and soy sauce, Penang. Rose soda float, and Sprite float, Melaka.
Went with my aunt's friends from Germany around Penang, KL and Melaka recently. The first picture's from this Thai Buddhist Temple in Penang where they so happen had a little food/culture fair in aid of the flood victims. It's one of those must-visits for tourists in Penang, because they've got this huge Sleeping Buddha figure in there and the interior's quite beautiful really. We also tried the famous coconut ice-cream selling outside the temple, and some spicy but so addictive somtam  from the fair! The next picture's nothing special really. Took a break at the Old Town near Dataran Pahlawan after a long day of walking and exploring and eating. The rose soda float was really refreshing, and smells lovely. Very pretty too, teehee.

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Breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn, Penang.
That was just the first round. A yummy variety of ham slices, salad, yogurt, bread, jam, cereal, pancake, syrup, fruits, eggs, noodles and so much more! Confession - I love buffets, especially breakfast buffets. I love the many different choices of food that I won't usually get everyday. Like ham. And yogurt. And lettuce. And almonds. Just look at all the almonds I heaped on the bowl of rice puff cereal and milk ♥ Think I ate enough vegetables to fulfill my daily recommended requirement for the week wtf. On the right is a banana split from this restaurant along Batu Feringghi. Beautifully landscaped with koi fishes in their ponds, fountains, soft lighting, lush hanging plants and a garden featuring many monkeycup plants and flowers. Food? Only so-so.

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Food shared is food enjoyed! :)
Had a potluck picnic with the Adwavians at the Penang Youth Park. So much food! A whole chocolate cake, cupcakes, bunches of fruits, two tupperwarefulls of yummy fruit salad, fried mihun, KFC
(generously sponsored by Dr Shu), a whole tong of drinks and junkfoooood. Of course we couldn't finish them! We weren't going to donate anything to the monkeys stalking us either. At one point one came so near to us and we all got so scared but still want to be brave to protect our food, so funny okaaaay! Reminded me of the incident at TC Kuantan last time with the gang hahahaha and up until today Zhen Ru still remember that the monkeys stole our Super Ring wtf grudging much? ;) Next one is the Sushi King Bonanza whoots! Went with the Perak Gang, and had so much fun choosing, hogging, snatching and booking those platefuls of RM2 sushi! Probably the only time I go so crazy over Sushi King hahahaha it was so good, and so bloody worth it! The salmon slices were so generous it was long enough to wrap around the rice in a circle okay. Shit, damn craving now.

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This restaurant by the road near..Ampang?
In a white building that looks like a summer mansion, but a pretty structure. The food's a little pricey, but what I love about this place is that they decorate every table with a small vase of beautiful live roses and baby breaths. A very nice touch, and they smell lovely. The interior of this restaurant's is quite pretty, with soft pastels and cafe-like ambiance. I had this fish
(cod, is it?) carbonara, I think. Don't remember lah.  >____< It was quite delicious. Creamy, and the fish was soft and flavourful. Next came the desserts, which were locally made gelato and really weren't that great. Don't think I'd really have the craving to come back here again, because for the price we're paying, there's so many more prettier places that offer better quality food. But that said, I wouldn't mind coming back here again lah if ada orang nak datang cuba.

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Favourite place ever for a cheap quick yummy lunch/dinner - Marufuku, Jaya One.
Prices ranging from around RM6 and above for a bowl of noodles
(mostly udon ) and even -dons , the food's absolutely satisfying and delicious. My favourite's the Marufuku trademark udon  as pictured on the left, just udon  noodles with half-cooked egg and a little broth at the bottom. Simple, delicious and satisfying, especially if you love eggs! The yakitori  served there is really amazing too, you can choose between soysauce-grilled or salt-grilled. Love the salt-grilled one! Salt-grilled chicken parts and innards, okra, shiitake mushrooms and even chicken skin all perfectly salty and grilled. SO GOOD. A typical meal for two with noodles, green tea and a few extra side orders usually costs less than RM25. Been here so often the people there know us! I'm so coming here again during Study Week holidays next week! :D After a nice meal there, desserts are usually at The Bee nearby for some heavenly Last Polka ice-creams. Featured above are flavours in French Toast and Guinness. They even have nutella, strawberry cheesecake and teh tarik! Last I heard, they updated their flavours with rum & raisins, can't wait to go try it out! :D

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Strawberry Forever, Penang. All about strawberries! 

Got this sweet deal off Groupon for only RM20 or so - chocolate fondue set for two and a strawberry pudding each! Strangely enough, the fondue isn't actually an item from the menu. Which is a waste, because it was absolutely crazily gooood! The chocolate sauce was done perfectly, not too sweet and not too bitter either. Even Grobe who's not really a sugar person liked it very much! :) We sat here for a couple hours using their speedy wifi and just chillin', slowly nomming our desserts as Ciara and YK came to join us later. Truthfully, the normal stuff there are so not worth the price at all, and not that great. But this, this fondue, was done so well I wish it was on the menu so we can get the whole BBP to come and share it!

Wow I was planning to just put in a sentence or two for each picture, but look how it turned out. I guess I'm a natural after all! ;)