Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupid idiot

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like an idiot because something came up in my mind!

You see, I had already went and buy an early morning ticket back for the four-weeks semester break and it's for those normal busses that stops in Hentian Duta/Puduraya!

Puduraya. I bloody hate that place. So bloody congested, and the people just stares at you in a funny way.Every single time I go in, and get out of the building I feel so dirty and disgusted. It doesn't make me feel safe, it smells of exhaust smoke, and the people stare in such a way that makes you feel like you don't want to fucking know what's going on in their mind at that very moment. I hate it, and I would try avoid it as much I can. 

Best thing is, come next week I'll be uhm what's the opposite of boarding? Yeah, I'll be doing that from my bus in Puduraya, with my 9071317 luggage

Uh huh. As per tradition, we have to move every single thing out of the hostel room and move back in again four weeks later, into the same bloody room. Plus we only get to keep TWO boxes of stuff in the common storeroom, so for the last two years my dad would come pick me and my load of stuff back - filling the entire boot space back seat of the car. But he then decided it wasn't worth the hassle and the money spent on the trip anymore so I had figure it out myself. Last sem it was YK who helped me with my stuff as she drove back to KL. This sem.. T_________T

Fuck lah I should have bought Aeroline instead, at a later time!

Gahhh why did I not think of it! At least with Aeroline I've got people help carry in and carry out the luggages, and it stops at Sunway/1U/KLCC where I can chill for a couple hours BECAUSE I JUST REALISED THAT : nobody would be able to pick me up in the afternoon! T_____T Mom dad and even brother are going to be working! Even if my mom can get an hour off, she doesn't know the way to Puduraya or those mentioned malls! asdfghjkl; T______T

I dread the packing up of all my stuff in this room,
and the amount of bag I'd have to carry back and take the bus. GAHHHHH.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair crazy

Whoots, two papers done done done and just one more till the semester break!
Omg we're totally halfway down the exam season and believe it or not I still don't feel it!
The pressure's not there, and I doubt it'll come in anytime soon. Guess am just chillin' this sem then wtf
Anyways the last paper for this sem - looking back, we hardly learned anything from the lecturer!
No notes, no slides, no tips, book also cannot pakai (translated from English, in a terrible terrible way). How now brown cow?

So I've started using this shampoo lately because the previous one suddenly wasn't compatible with my hair, and this new one's great so far - my hair's all fluffy and soft immediately right after I shower! Usually kan after I shower I'll pull my hair together to one side, twist it like a tornado wtf and squeeze it dry, then it'll just stay tightly huddled in a neat bunch after. After using this one, right after squeezing it dry like that, with just a slight shake with my fingers the hair comes apart so easily. Don't know if it's actually a good sign for my overall hair health but whatever it makes drying easier and looks fabulous after it's all air-dried so yeah I like it. Fluffeh and messy whoots! :D

That said, here are some hair pictures that I rather fancy.
Now whatever made you think this was going to be 
an intellectual blog entry with real depth and whatnots? ;)

I would love this a bit more for myself if the curls were just slightly  looser!


Aren't these hair colours beautiful? 
Beautiful, yet hardly achievable in everyday life for an Asian.

Photobucket Photobucket

This is perfect - the warm colour, the loose curls/waves, the slight mess! 


This one I really like too - a slightly more mature look.
Very pretty. It looks so soft and touchable!


See the recurring theme here? :D
Ultimate dream hair : Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen's.
That, or the usual glamourous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway styles! 

Or just platinum blonde all the way, regardless of style.
Think so blonde it's almost white. Think Gwen Stefani. Fuck yeah.

Looking at pictures of pretty hair and watching Gossip Girl during my exam week.
Yeap, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Cannot save already hahahaha!
Pictures credits to the World Wide Web, by the way. Thank you Internet people, mwahs!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Besto. Kurisumasu. Purasento. Eva.

No, best present received at any time, ever! (*≧▽≦) 

Tadaaaaaa! ♥ In a nice big brown box, 
decorated with Alice in Wonderland and Christmas themed cutouts.


Opened to find...all these waiting to be molested!
And a candy cane, a red white candy cane complete with a little bell! (*^▽^) 


First up - a souvenir tee from Hong to the Kong! 
Funny story, I changed into this to go out for dinner with the family that day,
and out came my brother from his room wearing his NY tee, not knowing better! 
The next day, I wore my I ♥ NY tee I get from my aunt, and he wore the same tee again! ( ̄- ̄)


The most gorgeous black skull studded wrist clutch purse!
Isn't it absolutely divine? Gawd I love classic black skulls like these!
Apparently this is meant for those clubbing nights hahahaha supportive tak wtf ♥ 


What's in the Sephora bag?
What's shiny black with a touch of bold red?


THIS OMFFFFG! (≧∇≦)  Hello Friggin' Kitty. In black and red lagi.
Isn't it funny that I'm crazy for Hello Kitty, but only when they're NOT in pink?


But hey that's not all there is to it. It's a friggin' makeup palatte!
In the most gorgeous shimmery and matte eyeshadows, and two rows of lip gloss!
I've tried them, and the colours blend really smoothly. Fucking best thing ever.


The back. Just because.
Find the hidden Hello Kitty wtf


Last, but certainly not the least, at the bottom of the box lies...


Hello Kitty's Sweet Happy Fun Book! *jumps in glee (*・∀・)


Just pages, pages and pages of brightyly coloured Hello Kitty information and whatnots! 
Iron-on patches, stickers, and even a detailed Hello Kitty profile measurement!
I've actually heard of this book, but thought it was sold out and mourned a little until I got this!


There's even a replica of the Sanrio theme park in Japan's ticket. 
Did thought of going, but tickets start from RM120 and above wtf man
Dah lah nak pergi Disneyland/DisneySea lagi. Kyoto lagi. Bankrupt! But so worth it teehee!


Thank you so very much for these perfectly thoughtful and amazing gifts!
Mwah mwah mwah so much love for youuuuuuu! (*^^)^*)*kiss ♥


Self-insert wtf hehe I stuck the cutouts on my mirror, 'cause it's too whimsical and cute!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012! :)

Think it's good time to wrap up the past year and say a few words for 2012 :)

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys the best of this new year. A great 2012!
I know many have had a horrid year two days ago last year, and I really want to see smiling faces all around me in this coming year because nothing would make me more at ease ♥ When good friends are at war with some inevitable internal/external demons, it frustrates me so much that I can't do much for them and it kinds of makes me a little restless from worry. So let this be a good year, to everyone around me whom I care about. You, you, you, you and you! To Arashi!

Hahahahaha sorry that was just supposed to be funny, to lighten things up! ;)

Truthfully though, I've had a pretty good 2011. It had it's downs, but I think there were more ups.
I know I got really into Tumblr hahahaha and that distracted me to a certain extent, because my fire for Arashi did mellowed down a little (saying this while simultaneously downloading their three recent performances wtf) to a more stable and calm stage I suppose. Yeah I'm actually smiling to myself a little here over that statement, hahahaha! But I really do hope 2012's going to be a good year for Arashi, I want them to keep the momentum going to that when I go to Japan in July they're still going to be everyfuckingwhere!

Uh huhhhh, the best thing to look forward to in this new year - TRIP TO JAPAN! :D


In case you haven't heard from all my status updates and whatnots (like that girl Arti), YES I'VE BOOKED MYSELF A TICKET TO JAPAN!! It's the ultimate dream come true, and I could just die happy as soon as I land my feet in Tokyo hahahaha! Return tickets, including in-flight meals, insurance, reserved seats, return bus fares from LCCT-KL Central and taxes whatnots came up to only RM1000! BARGAIN OR WHAT. I'll be there for an entire week in mid-July, just after I finish my last semester and I plan to visit Japan every year from this year on. Serious. I'll seriously save for it every year and just go - it's going to be my own challenge for myself. Since I'm so devoid of life goals kan wtf

In 2011, also met someone amazing who has been making me feel pretty good for the past nine months (and many more months to come, I dearly hope!)  Then I was appointed the Marketing Communications Director for my final year project - which is going to kill me in so many ways but I'm honoured enough to actually feel excited about working my cute little ass off next semester! It's the final semester good lawd how on earth did we get here from just being innocent little freshmen two and half years ago? Speaking of freshmen, that whole legend/myth/superstition of the Freshmen 15 (read up if you're not familiar!) apparently isn't that exclusive to the freshmen year wtf nor is it really bound to 15. I'm pretty darn sure it's a case of Entire Time Span of Being in University 50 for me wtf. I reaaaally need to get back to those fit days, however short-lived they were. Boy I miss those jogging at Gelora times with TKL and the rest, how we would always pig out on keropok/currypuff/laksa at GP after that and still managed to get relatively fit! I now look at my old pictures in envy and how ridiculously good looking I was back then wtf

Goodness last year was the ultimate ketamakan year - we did nothing but find places to eat and just continue eating! Late night suppers past midnight, to the extent of frequent car-renting and day outs where we hunt for food all days long hahahaha even now we have plans for a full day of food day out! I would say that the major recurring theme for 2011 was - KETAMAKAN! Did quite a bit of partying as well hahahaha up to three times a week, and got drunker more times than I should have! Those two Queen Bees we're even more hardcore! ;)

As for people, some drifted away a little (but still within grasp, thank goodness) and some opened up a little bit more. It's been two and half years that I've been in university and it still amazes me that types of people that make the world. But I guess without these differences - whether positive or negative, the world wouldn't be such a darn interesting one huh? ;) Thank God for the colours and spices of life! There's always going to be dimwits whose life purpose would seem to be to frustrate the living daylights out of rational, sensible people like us but at the end of the day, don't you think they make for pretty good topic conversations and for us to laugh ourselves silly at too? If I could choose to have a daily reminder of something for myself, I'd make it be that I never forget my really awesome sense of humour. I guess that'd be my best defense against the evils of the world hahahaha more reasons to get that tattoo I've had in mind huh! ;)

Well this has been an eye opening entry. There'a a certain clarity of mind right now and it's good that I am here to put it out in words for future reference. Goodness knows I get distracted easily enough. It's already 4.16am anyways, last I checked it was only about 1.00am after watching the Victoria's Secret Show 2011 in Star World, in high definition oh yeahhh! As a final word, I want to say thank you to you guys. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for coming to me, thank you for putting effort in understanding me, thank you for wanting my happiness, thank you for making my life a good one, and just thank you so very much for being yourselves in spite of everything else that's going on ♥ So much love for you guys, you know who you are! Going to go to bed now, goodnight loves!

The Naya Rivera Appreciation Post

So Naya Rivera is really really hot. Like really reaaaaally hot.
Just in case that name didn't ring any bells, how about this - Santana Lopez. Glee.





Isn't she absolute perfection?  ♥ Just look - WOAR WOAR WOAR I DREAMT OF THIS MOMENT BEFORE! But yes, just look at how mind-numbingly gorgeous she is - her eyes, her caramel skin tone, her long luscious hair, her pouty lips. Damnnnn! Even in this candid photo below she looks absolute stunning! Imagine someone looking like that walking across the street, betcha you won't stop stalking staring! ;)


Call me obsessive, but I love looking at her in motion as much as in pictures. The way she moves and her little facial expressions - perfectly executed for that sultry smokin' vixen character. And boy is that character fun! Santana Lopes tells it as it is, and she stirs up nothing but trouble in McKinley High. That Candy Striper / Kissing Booth episode, hot damnnnnn! One of the highlights of my 2011 hahahaha!

Annoyingly enough she wasn't featured that much in the first season, but right now she's getting quite some solos going on (is it Season Three or Four now?) and I'm nothing but delighted over it! Her voice - sultry sultry liquidy voice that is made of chocolate bliss  Not quite sure how the chocolate comes into the description but it just popped in my mind okay!

I wasn't even the slightest interested in Adele until I heard this:

The first time I heard it was on Tumblr, the full acapella version and I just fell in love with Naya's voice!
Been loving that "Someone like you" song ever since then. So much emotions, and the way she (Naya, not Adele. but Adele's fine too.) expressed it. Oh and her recent version of Santa Baby - oh the yummy! I just love voices like hers - Mesmerizing, beautiful beautiful beautiful! ♥ 

Confession - I've always got this thing for troubled angsty characters who just holds in their emotions and only very rarely do you catch that glimpse of vulnerability.- especially only when it comes to matters of the heart. Like Edward Elric wtf strange example but that came up first in my mind or uhm that Nishikido Ryo character in One Litre of Tears or Draco Malfoy in those last few books fanfictions books. Wow lookit that, the variety of my fandoms hahahahah! Pictures and gifs are credited to the world wide web and the fabulous people at tumblr, by the way! Mwahs!

Sassy and smokin'!


Now isn't she worth this post and so much more? 

Her co-star, Dianna Agron's one of a kind of beauty too - inspiring, unbelievably down-to-earth, beautiful in the most classic sense and adorably quirky. But that's a story for another day! ;)