Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair crazy

Whoots, two papers done done done and just one more till the semester break!
Omg we're totally halfway down the exam season and believe it or not I still don't feel it!
The pressure's not there, and I doubt it'll come in anytime soon. Guess am just chillin' this sem then wtf
Anyways the last paper for this sem - looking back, we hardly learned anything from the lecturer!
No notes, no slides, no tips, book also cannot pakai (translated from English, in a terrible terrible way). How now brown cow?

So I've started using this shampoo lately because the previous one suddenly wasn't compatible with my hair, and this new one's great so far - my hair's all fluffy and soft immediately right after I shower! Usually kan after I shower I'll pull my hair together to one side, twist it like a tornado wtf and squeeze it dry, then it'll just stay tightly huddled in a neat bunch after. After using this one, right after squeezing it dry like that, with just a slight shake with my fingers the hair comes apart so easily. Don't know if it's actually a good sign for my overall hair health but whatever it makes drying easier and looks fabulous after it's all air-dried so yeah I like it. Fluffeh and messy whoots! :D

That said, here are some hair pictures that I rather fancy.
Now whatever made you think this was going to be 
an intellectual blog entry with real depth and whatnots? ;)

I would love this a bit more for myself if the curls were just slightly  looser!


Aren't these hair colours beautiful? 
Beautiful, yet hardly achievable in everyday life for an Asian.

Photobucket Photobucket

This is perfect - the warm colour, the loose curls/waves, the slight mess! 


This one I really like too - a slightly more mature look.
Very pretty. It looks so soft and touchable!


See the recurring theme here? :D
Ultimate dream hair : Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen's.
That, or the usual glamourous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway styles! 

Or just platinum blonde all the way, regardless of style.
Think so blonde it's almost white. Think Gwen Stefani. Fuck yeah.

Looking at pictures of pretty hair and watching Gossip Girl during my exam week.
Yeap, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Cannot save already hahahaha!
Pictures credits to the World Wide Web, by the way. Thank you Internet people, mwahs!

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