Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012! :)

Think it's good time to wrap up the past year and say a few words for 2012 :)

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys the best of this new year. A great 2012!
I know many have had a horrid year two days ago last year, and I really want to see smiling faces all around me in this coming year because nothing would make me more at ease ♥ When good friends are at war with some inevitable internal/external demons, it frustrates me so much that I can't do much for them and it kinds of makes me a little restless from worry. So let this be a good year, to everyone around me whom I care about. You, you, you, you and you! To Arashi!

Hahahahaha sorry that was just supposed to be funny, to lighten things up! ;)

Truthfully though, I've had a pretty good 2011. It had it's downs, but I think there were more ups.
I know I got really into Tumblr hahahaha and that distracted me to a certain extent, because my fire for Arashi did mellowed down a little (saying this while simultaneously downloading their three recent performances wtf) to a more stable and calm stage I suppose. Yeah I'm actually smiling to myself a little here over that statement, hahahaha! But I really do hope 2012's going to be a good year for Arashi, I want them to keep the momentum going to that when I go to Japan in July they're still going to be everyfuckingwhere!

Uh huhhhh, the best thing to look forward to in this new year - TRIP TO JAPAN! :D


In case you haven't heard from all my status updates and whatnots (like that girl Arti), YES I'VE BOOKED MYSELF A TICKET TO JAPAN!! It's the ultimate dream come true, and I could just die happy as soon as I land my feet in Tokyo hahahaha! Return tickets, including in-flight meals, insurance, reserved seats, return bus fares from LCCT-KL Central and taxes whatnots came up to only RM1000! BARGAIN OR WHAT. I'll be there for an entire week in mid-July, just after I finish my last semester and I plan to visit Japan every year from this year on. Serious. I'll seriously save for it every year and just go - it's going to be my own challenge for myself. Since I'm so devoid of life goals kan wtf

In 2011, also met someone amazing who has been making me feel pretty good for the past nine months (and many more months to come, I dearly hope!)  Then I was appointed the Marketing Communications Director for my final year project - which is going to kill me in so many ways but I'm honoured enough to actually feel excited about working my cute little ass off next semester! It's the final semester good lawd how on earth did we get here from just being innocent little freshmen two and half years ago? Speaking of freshmen, that whole legend/myth/superstition of the Freshmen 15 (read up if you're not familiar!) apparently isn't that exclusive to the freshmen year wtf nor is it really bound to 15. I'm pretty darn sure it's a case of Entire Time Span of Being in University 50 for me wtf. I reaaaally need to get back to those fit days, however short-lived they were. Boy I miss those jogging at Gelora times with TKL and the rest, how we would always pig out on keropok/currypuff/laksa at GP after that and still managed to get relatively fit! I now look at my old pictures in envy and how ridiculously good looking I was back then wtf

Goodness last year was the ultimate ketamakan year - we did nothing but find places to eat and just continue eating! Late night suppers past midnight, to the extent of frequent car-renting and day outs where we hunt for food all days long hahahaha even now we have plans for a full day of food day out! I would say that the major recurring theme for 2011 was - KETAMAKAN! Did quite a bit of partying as well hahahaha up to three times a week, and got drunker more times than I should have! Those two Queen Bees we're even more hardcore! ;)

As for people, some drifted away a little (but still within grasp, thank goodness) and some opened up a little bit more. It's been two and half years that I've been in university and it still amazes me that types of people that make the world. But I guess without these differences - whether positive or negative, the world wouldn't be such a darn interesting one huh? ;) Thank God for the colours and spices of life! There's always going to be dimwits whose life purpose would seem to be to frustrate the living daylights out of rational, sensible people like us but at the end of the day, don't you think they make for pretty good topic conversations and for us to laugh ourselves silly at too? If I could choose to have a daily reminder of something for myself, I'd make it be that I never forget my really awesome sense of humour. I guess that'd be my best defense against the evils of the world hahahaha more reasons to get that tattoo I've had in mind huh! ;)

Well this has been an eye opening entry. There'a a certain clarity of mind right now and it's good that I am here to put it out in words for future reference. Goodness knows I get distracted easily enough. It's already 4.16am anyways, last I checked it was only about 1.00am after watching the Victoria's Secret Show 2011 in Star World, in high definition oh yeahhh! As a final word, I want to say thank you to you guys. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for coming to me, thank you for putting effort in understanding me, thank you for wanting my happiness, thank you for making my life a good one, and just thank you so very much for being yourselves in spite of everything else that's going on ♥ So much love for you guys, you know who you are! Going to go to bed now, goodnight loves!

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