Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupid idiot

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like an idiot because something came up in my mind!

You see, I had already went and buy an early morning ticket back for the four-weeks semester break and it's for those normal busses that stops in Hentian Duta/Puduraya!

Puduraya. I bloody hate that place. So bloody congested, and the people just stares at you in a funny way.Every single time I go in, and get out of the building I feel so dirty and disgusted. It doesn't make me feel safe, it smells of exhaust smoke, and the people stare in such a way that makes you feel like you don't want to fucking know what's going on in their mind at that very moment. I hate it, and I would try avoid it as much I can. 

Best thing is, come next week I'll be uhm what's the opposite of boarding? Yeah, I'll be doing that from my bus in Puduraya, with my 9071317 luggage

Uh huh. As per tradition, we have to move every single thing out of the hostel room and move back in again four weeks later, into the same bloody room. Plus we only get to keep TWO boxes of stuff in the common storeroom, so for the last two years my dad would come pick me and my load of stuff back - filling the entire boot space back seat of the car. But he then decided it wasn't worth the hassle and the money spent on the trip anymore so I had figure it out myself. Last sem it was YK who helped me with my stuff as she drove back to KL. This sem.. T_________T

Fuck lah I should have bought Aeroline instead, at a later time!

Gahhh why did I not think of it! At least with Aeroline I've got people help carry in and carry out the luggages, and it stops at Sunway/1U/KLCC where I can chill for a couple hours BECAUSE I JUST REALISED THAT : nobody would be able to pick me up in the afternoon! T_____T Mom dad and even brother are going to be working! Even if my mom can get an hour off, she doesn't know the way to Puduraya or those mentioned malls! asdfghjkl; T______T

I dread the packing up of all my stuff in this room,
and the amount of bag I'd have to carry back and take the bus. GAHHHHH.

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