Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bend in the Road

Looking back at past entries, I feel old and irrelevant.
I also feel that I've neglected this blog for a long long time, and I regret not documenting here the past year of my life. I think if I were to update consistently, properly, the pages here will be filled with colours, people, love, smiles, food (oh yes food), silly ramblings and most important of all, life. I have terrible memory, I'm sure you know. It sucks that I am unable to go back to a certain time or event in the past, and relive those thoughts and feelings I had back then with just a click of a button. I'm really sorry I did not do that then.

Anne Shirley of the Green Gables have always looked forward to the Bend in the Road, a turning point in everyone's life where things turn in different direction - sometime even splitting up into multiple directions from which you would have to make a choice. These bends are oftentimes unpredictable, and happen many times in life. I suppose this would be my bend in the road, or at least the pre-bend when I slow down and look around me as I prepare to take the turn.

I don't know where I'm going, so I'll just go along the road until it takes me somewhere. Or at least until I gather enough courage to take another road. In the meantime, Japan photos coming right up! Wait for it!

Talking about this makes me feel so excited already hahahaha! So here's a quick summary of my trips to Japan this year: 

 MARCH (late winter)
 Japan Study Program, fully sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Edu, Culture, Sports, Science and Tech. 128 university students from all over the world, in Japan for two weeks. Halfway through, all 128 were separated into the last year's disaster-affected states of their choice - Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate. My Japanese classmate, Ocean and I chose to visit Miyagi. 

 JUNE (late spring) 
学生の力で世界とつながろうプロジェクト. In English, Student Power - Connecting the World Project. A ten-days Fukushima-focused project organised by Fukushima University and Minami-Souma Rotary Club involving about 30 university students, mostly from Japan. Expenses in Japan were taken care of by the organizer, while I went around my university looking for a sponsor for my air tickets. Very fortunately, the Student Affairs Dept agreed to sponsor me in a very short notice. 

 JULY (early summer/late rainy season) 
A one-week almost fully self-sponsored graduation trip that was supposed to be my first time in Japan. Bought the tickets last year after the huge disappointment of not being chosen for a school-sponsored two-weeks program offered to my Japanese class students. Only students with an A grade were picked, mine was A- wtf. Luckily, dad very nicely paid for my air tickets (only RM1010 in total!) ♥ I could never have imagined that I would have had the opportunity to travel to Japan twice before this trip actually happened! After much deliberation, we decided to forgo Kyoto (Q_____Q) and travel within or around Tokyo only. 

 I know, I'm super ultra meccha lucky!! To say that I am grateful is not even enough to express how I really feel. You guys know just exactly how desperately I have been longing to go to Japan and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this year, my ultimate dream came true - three friggin' times! I'm so blessed! 

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