Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Number76 Experience!

Last night, as I lay in bed and going through things in my head, without realizing it, a prayer formed in my train of thoughts. Before I knew it, I was full-on praying, something I haven't done properly in months, perhaps even up to a year. Okay maybe not that  long. But anyways, yes, I said some things and then I fell asleep soon after.

Then came morning afternoon. Don't judge! This is the first day after my last day of working for the past three months, and it felt goooood to just sleep until I wake up when I wake up! :)

I have not had a hair cut since forever as well. Don't even get me started in how terrible my ends are - splitting and wiring zigzag all over like nobody's business! I HAD TO GET A HAIRCUT no matter the cost before my new job starts next week! Off to Number76 I went, convinced by a colleague who showed up to work couple weeks ago looking so friggin' fantastic I did a double-turn, no kidding. She said she got her hair done here, and so booked an appointment at the Mont Kiara branch just before I left home today haha! As luck would have it, as fate would have it, as the unexpected are bound to happen, the Squid's meeting got cancelled and I absolutely had to zoom off to get her to come with me! :) Okay so we got a little lost and I might have almost killed the both of us on the way there, but hey we got there still, albeit a tad late. How was Number76, you ask? Absolutely worth it and damn right I'm going there again next month to colour my hair!

Here's the story - When I made the appointment was for a cut and treatment, they asked whose my stylist and I just said it was my first time there. So they arranged Deji-san (director's cut oooh!) for me. I told him what I wanted to do with my hair- keep the length, different style especially the overgrown fringe - while he listened and looked really deep in thought hahaha but after messing around with my hair he said I actually didn't need a cut since I want to keep the length, because my hair's already nice teehee (SHY OKAY) so he suggested a fringe cut for free instead, and to go ahead with the treatment. Wow, when's the last time your stylist declined to cut your hair and missed the chance to earn a couple extra bucks?

This left a deep impression, and made me feel so much more respect for him as a professional. Went ahead with a hair wash (psst, Shiseido products) and the treatment including a scalp tonic which left my hair in fantabulous health! It took just no longer than half hour and I haven't seen my hair so soft and alive since..well I don't remember! Then my hair was blown dry and curled with a tong, as stylish boys brought over some warm green tea to sip on. Next comes the haircut time - Deji-san asked me first if it was okay to cut my fringe to the length he showed, and paid full attention to every small detail as he worked seriously hahaha he even grabbed the curling tong to style some more strands here and there. Meticulous huh? :)

Sprayed some hairspray and I'm done! Such an amazingly positive experience! I'm actually reaaally anal about hairstylists and pretty much sit in fear every time I get my hair done because I'm afraid they don't understand what I want and get it terrible wrong hahaha that's why I don't often get my hair done wtf /paranoid  Left the salon really happy and satisfied, even made a pact to come again with the Squid next month to colour our hair after asking so many questions and looking through their awesome hair colour menu!

Makannnn time! Eff our lives two Japanese restaurants nearby were closed so we crossed over to the other Mont Kiara Plaza and found out there's a Boost juice stall hahaha rushed to it right away and surprise surprise, the happy hour where each drink costs only RM10 nett was going to end in literally three minutes! Made a quick decision under tremendous pressure hahaha I got myself a cup of delicious strawberry smoothie. The berry blast smoothie was so friggin' good too. Took our drinks to Zanmai upstairs where we enjoyed such a good meal of salad, salmon, handrolls and sushi! Yums, what a tummy-fulfilling day! :)

All in all, it was such a happynyappy day and it felt really good you know. 

I'm glad I get to experience so much positive vibes today and I really appreciate it. 
Also, I was recently gifted a really good book by someone special and it made me see things a little more differently.

Let's hope this feelings lasts. Please.

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