Sunday, October 21, 2012

#Whatchuwant is to Pimp My Ride, Xpax!

I went for my first drivers' licence theory lesson on my birthday. Then, for the entire duration of my SPM trial examinations period I went for my practical driving lessons in the afternoon. That was how badly I wanted to learn how to drive and to start driving as soon as I legally can! When I officially got my driver's licence, I was ecstatic!

Of course, parents being parents, I was given the permission to only drive the oldest car we own - my first love Saga! 

Also my faithful camwhore companion for five years
I've been driving this car for years and I love it, it's been with the family for so long and it's more than 15 years old! It wasn't until very recently that we got another addition to our family because my parents fear the Saga can't handle my long distance travels and the horrors of KL's traffic. Wouldn't want to break down in the middle of the notorious Cheras-LokeYew traffic that I'd have to go through everyday! So my dearest Saga baby is now used by my mom for driving around the neighborhood when I'm at work. I'm actually surprised it's still working fine today, except for the fact that we'd have to send it to the mechanics every couple months or so for serious maintenance.

While minor imperfections like these are often left alone, or temporarily DIY-fixed..

Of course, on the exterior it's no longer in its glory shiny perfect days but as long as it takes us from A to B, right? Right? Not really. The exterior should never be compromised, and I hereby call out to Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride contest for my dear Saga to be pimped out to the utmost glory that it never had in its
21 years of service!

But that's just one of the awesome prizes that Xpax Whatchuwant is exclusively giving away to all Xpax users. 
I want more! I want all of these below! Can I have it? Can I have it?

 In case this isn't clear enough let me spell it out to you what's up for grabs:

- Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100   (can take pictures at water theme parks, yeay!)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 Inch   (perfect for those stuck in traffic jam everyday wtf)
- Samsung 40" Smart Full HD LED TV   (high definition view of Arashi's faces on TV, whoots!)
- Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System   (can pretend to actually be at an Arashi concert!)
- Samsung Galaxy S3.  Samsung. Galaxy. S3. S3. S3. Need I say more?

Best part is, these gadgets worth RM10,000 are part of the prizes given out daily! DAILY! EVERY DAY!

All you need to do is pick any of the packs above that are specially catered to your needs! There are so many because Xpax knows everyone has different lifestyle and communication needs! I'm going for the Talk Suft Pack because I'm talkative and social-media addicted like that! 

As easy as ABC! Just to show you that Xpax Whatchuwant is true to their promises, below are all the daily winners listed alongside their phone numbers. Remember, this campaign ends 2nd Dec so any later and all the goodies will be snapped by me already dah. Find out more about Xpax Whatchuwant here!

Now back to Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride! :D
 See, the dude above has already got it! Cannot, I must have my car pimped out max too!
I mean come on, just look at my Saga! Practically everything is peeling and fading off! 

Don't even get me started on how it sounds when the engine is turned on!

The old scratches plus wear and tears are screaming old age!

Now Xpax Whatchuwant only offers the MTV Pimp My Ride prize on selected special days, means you never know if you're going to win a huge-ass Samsung 40" Smart Full HD LED TV or an all-expenses paid makeover for your car. Bonus: If your car gets pimped, you're going to be filmed and aired on the MTV! INTERNATIONAL (Okay, Asia) FAME HERE I COME. Ahem. So here's how I want Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride to sprinkle awesome fairy dust on my rundown ride. See it to believe it! 

I've always thought I'd like a flaming red car but I saw this pic on Tumblr once and I love it! 
I want my car to be turned into a cream coloured convertible with a vintage edge! 
I love driving in the mornings with my windows down so a convertible would be so awesome!

Luxurious cream leather seats with dark brown hems and lacquered wood-like touches. 
(Damn, I don't know any car terms. I don't even know car names!)

Next up, tiny details but oh so important - skull accessory because I love it, and a build-in lifesaver GPS!

Let's not forget a kick-ass audio system for me to play my Arashi CDs and imagine myself to be at their concert. This is super important because the total of three hours I spend stuck in traffic jams everyday are my solo karaoke sessions that need to be accompanied by good music! That's about it, really. See how undemanding and practical I am, dear  Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride and start thinking about pimping my ride!  :D


  1. I hope you win this!!!!!! Want to ride in your fawsome convertible! :)

  2. Unfortunately did not! T_____T

  3. “The exterior should never be compromised…” – Right on! Though I admit I’m kind of amazed to hear this from someone your age. Great! At least, you’re proof that the younger generation isn’t all drawn to sleek and up-to-the-minute sports cars. :D All the same, I hope you have the best of luck in the Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride. For the Saga!