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Shibuya Meet-up! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Wow another post, I'm on a roll here! No guarantee when you'll be seeing this though!

Continuing where I left off a while ago, on the first day of arriving Tokyo with YK and after checking in, we took a much-needed shower then decided to head off to Shibuya for a bit! Trust me, our schedule was so packed we couldn't afford to waste any second no matter how tired we might have been. One week is surely not enough to explore Tokyo and its vicinity! Anyway when we got there it was a weekday and just as packed with people as one would expect on a weekend.

I think this is the first time I visit Shibuya during day time and it felt so amazing - exactly like in the movies where the traffic light turns green and an organised chaos ensues! Everyone walks so confidently like they know exactly where they're going and while nobody complained when we walked at a relatively slower pace (to take pictures and just look around at everything!), it certainly felt kind off odd. Plus, everyone's so fashionable on Japan omg I would love to sit somewhere and just stare at everyone! Apparently the Starbucks across the street (it's impossible to miss it) is a great place for that, so take note.

Cari makan dulu hehe! So on my first trip to Japan in March, while purchasing my Arashi CD at Tsutaya, I asked the cashier if she has any recommendations of good places to eat nearby. It was a late winter night then so she suggested a ramen place that she frequents nearby, and wrote down the name for us while pointing in a general direction where the restaurant is. We searched and searched but couldn't find it so I asked a promoter girl nearby but she didn't know either so we walked around the area again looking for it and as we passed by the promoter girl again, she came up to us excitedly and told us she found the place!

Perfect example of how incredibly kind and helpful the Japanese are! Apparently she asked her colleagues and she proceeded to lead us to the restaurant - all this while in the middle of work, promoting another restaurant wtf. That's the story of how I came to know this place, and brought YK here for dinner on our first day in Japan together! (^ω^)To order, you'd have to first pick what you want from a machine at the entrance and masukkan your money into the machine. Thank goodness for pictures because only a few words are in English hahaha the machine will then issue you a little receipt and you can pass it to the friendly staff while you pick a seat. Up to you if you want to order drinks because they'll serve you mineral water!

YK's charsiew ramen meal. Look at the eggs gosh so good, and the portion is huge!

Mine. Beef rice thing. The beef were so tender and flavourful! 

As much as I'd love to have a steaming bowl of seriously good ramen, I was still full from all the snacks I had previously (dammit!) plus this was the cheapest at about ¥500 (RM20) so I had this beef rice thing instead. The ramen costs about ¥1000 (RM40) so don't say I didn't warn you. In Japan though, a ¥1000 meal for one person would be considered quite affordable already wtf but this restaurant is so worth it lor! I stole quite a bit of YK's ramen because she couldn't finish it and it was so yummy. Can never go wrong with a local's recommendation!

Space was limited (about 20 pax maximum) so we sat at the bar!

My picture got screwed up when I uploaded it so had to awkwardly crop it

Highly recommended restaurant! Don't ask me how to go though because I don't quite remember unless I'm there. So it's either you bring me there teehee or you write down the name and ask the locals who work there yah. Sorry I absolutely cannot help in the directions department. Moving on - after such a heavy meal we went for a walk to explore the very busy Shibuya area and I saw this!

Facial sheet masks going for only only ¥50 (RM2) each! AND IF BUY TEN IT'S ONLY ¥400 (RM16)! Cheap until cannot explain! Knowing that some things are too good to be true plus I can't read any kanji haha, I went in to ask the store people if it's really that cheap and they confirmed it. I also checked the fine print and they're made in Korea, okay la looks like can trust so I bought ten haha now I wished I had buy another twenty ten because they're actually pretty good and so. incredibly. cheap. Friggin' everything on sale in summer!

Except Converse shoesヽ(ー_ー )ノ

They've got really cool designs like anchor prints and polka dots but all so mahal how to buy uhuk uhuk!
Fine, lupakan saja and headed to the mother of all fashion malls - SHIBUYA 109. Oh yeah!

Once we stepped it, it was war. There were high pitched noises coming from every single direction and whatever they were repeating, the word sale was surely in there. Some even stood on stools and held loudspeakers to further spread the word! No kidding, it was came as quite a surprise and a little disorienting. Every fashion shop had at least one promoter shouting at the top of their lungs (seriously, they didn't hold back) on their store's sale and I wondered how long they could keep at it and how sore would their throats be. There were bargains and sales in every single store in Shibuya 109!


There were so many floors we kept going up up and up! Prices range from ¥1500 (RM60) by the way. 
That's actually quite cheap but I was on a tight budget so none for me. Resist resist! 
Saw this kitty bag that was really cute though...but no. Walaupun sedikit menyesal now. 

Also, Parco having the new Erika Sawajiri movie, Helter Skelter exhibition! She's so hot holymama but have to pay to enter the exhibition (;*△*;) Really want to watch this movie though!


That's about it for the first time, we decided to head back to the hotel early to catch some rest because we're meeting some of my friends in Shibuya too the next day! Another awesome feeling when we set up the place to meet and were told to meet at Shibuya's Hachiko, which is the doggy statue raised in front of the Shibuya station to commemorate the legendary loyal Akita doggy who faithfully waited for his owner years after the owner's death. Also known as meeting spot for everyone in Shibuya. Really, everyone seems to be waiting there! So off we go again to Shibuya on our second day in Tokyo! (*⌒∇⌒*)

We got there a little earlier than the meeting time so we explored Shibuya again while waiting for time, which somehow ended up with food. More precisely, my favorite food. Bread. Bread from Les Deux Magots. Les Deux Magots as in Paris. As in featured in paintings, books and films. Okay had to go in! Damn pandai spend money on unnecessary things kan?


YK was craving for coffee, I got this Kyoto Macha Latte at a convenience store instead.
Thanks Jacqueline Khoo for that one Instagram that made me remember this haha!

After our little food adventure, we met everyone in Hachiko and headed off to get more food - lunch! I let these people take over because obviously they know the place better hahaha the Tokyoites brought us to some sort of maze that led to some staircase and tadaa we're at the restaurant! It's pretty near to the Loft, that's as far as I could remember haha don't ask any further.

Got them Malaysian postcards as souvenirs! That's Momoa, Tsuguto and Haruko ♥ 

Awesome huge mirror behind hahaha but everywhere's so narrow! Rina and YK looking so happy there ♥

Salmon avocado on rice. One of the best food I had in Japan for real! Okay maybe bias because I love salmon and I also love avocado like mad. This place was so cheap, don't remember how much but for a set lunch with refillable drinks and soup, choices of main courses which includes this salmon and avocado, really cheap! Would love to go again someday haha it was so good I ate slowly so that it wouldn't finish too fast wtf the hamburg seems to be quite good too, portions just about right!

Hama-chan briefing us before a video shoot haha his anchor pants damn cute ♥ 
Maybe you can try to find this restaurant based on what's outside the window?

Group shot, whoots! Love this picture, love this funny bunch! (*⌒∇⌒*)

Aaaaand that's the abrupt end of our Shibuya adventures, but surely not the end of the day. More to come!

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