Saturday, January 12, 2013


I'M SO HAPPY TODAY! o(≧▽≦)o☆

Okay so I've heard of this item going on sale at the Popcorn Arashi Live Tour 2013 but didn't thought it was for real as there weren't any pictures at the time! Until I was er catching up with the latest Arashi updates  last week and found them on sale! Plus, it was a legit local site so no paypal/creditcard needed - just bank transfer and it'll be delivered via Poslaju! Thought about it for a bit as paying RM70 for a freakin' tiny object that has absolutely no use at all except for its looks is kind of well, stupid. I went ahead and bought it anyways, whatever. It's my first time okay! RM84 in total after counting in tax and shipping (╥﹏╥)

Then I got a call from an unknown cellphone number this afternoon as I was driving back home from Padang Jawa! Usually, I'd ignore it because er I just don't pick up calls from unknown cellphones numbers. At least with a landline number I still can Google it to see if it's listed with any organisations. Back to the story - I got the call and surprising myself, I picked it up right away. Thank goodness I did though, because it was the Poslaju dude who's waiting downstairs! YEAY IT'S HERE! Was expecting it to arrive Monday since she posted it out yesterday but yeay Poslaju works on Saturday too! As soon as I called my mom to pick it up from the dude, I was at the toll near my house already and looking up around, saw this car in front of me! 

If you can't see it, it has a whatchucallit thing stuck on the back window 
that says "ARASHI の FAN. WE MAKE STORM." 

ANOTHER MALAYSIAN ARASHI FAN ZOMG WHAT ARE THE ODDS!! Don't ask about the whole "we make storm" line, it's just an Arashi thing. It's one line in their debut song and Arashi means storm in Japanese yada yada yada. Seeing this made me so crazy excited that I couldn't help but to Tweet/Instagram/Facebook it! I said that the #Arashi force is with me today hahahahaha lame-ass shit. Quickly sped back home and damn the package was sealed up so tightly and seamlessly I had to actually get a scissors and go crazy with it. Nah brief info for the uninitiated before I show you the good stuff - Popcorn is actually the title of Arashi's latest album and they're currently touring around Japan for this album ♥

TADAAAAA! ★彡The Popcorn Arashi Live Tour 2013 Fukuoka Earphone Jack in yellow!

I love the background of the holder and I love that they engraved the date and place of concert on the back of the charm. Plus it's in my favourite colour - yellow! Which also coincidentally happens to be Nino's colour!(^_・) I hung my ARASHI 10-11 Tour "Scene" ~ Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei charm (gift from the bestest person in the world ever) on it too so it's double Arashi power now!

See it in action hahaha!

The five incredibly silly boys that I'd go to great (spending) lengths for!

Here, a huge-ass picture of me with the super cute earphone jack! (*⌒∇⌒*)

Haven't felt this awesome buying things in a while.
Yeay to fangirl weekend! Yeay to Arashi!  

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