Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 31st, 2012

Wow the year has officially ended! (︶▽︶) Didn't thought I'd spend today this way actually. Today was all sorts of surprises and impromptu plans! Was all ready to go to work until lunch time, come back for a nap and spend the rest of the day off lazing around watching television. I know, couch potato right, tell me about it. Next thing I know, I was in Pavilion sharing some delicious sticky bones at Morganfield's! Reminded me of the incredible ribs at Vintage Bulgaria in Penang last time. A whole variety platter for RM100 rounded up, and we ordered two! Next time I'm just going to skip all the other stuff and go for the ribs and only the ribs! Guna tangan all and just go hardcore barbarian carnivore mode hahahaha nah, show you the two platters we ordered wtf

Let me also tell you about the funniest thing that happened at work today! So this dude right, it was his birthday today and all employees get a day off on their birthday, but I had scheduled a meeting today where he had to be there wtf so he had to come to office on his birthday, eff his life. Sorry ah lol so while I was at the meeting room, I heard some noises from our office and after all was settled I got back to my place in the office. Saw a few things out of place but didn't thought about it further until I went on Facebook and saw this on my homepage! 

Apparently while I was gone he took my place and disguised himself as me wtf  ∑(O_O;) Yeah that's exactly how I usually look at the office with my glasses in the morning, my Hello Kitty phone, my water bottle back there and er my skull scarf draped across my lap wtf why imitate until so precise wan! Don't know if secretly mocking me or what wtf but couldn't help but to laugh like madness man hahahaha epic entertainment! Happy birthday brah! Happy new year everybody!ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪ 

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