Sunday, January 6, 2013

On the 12th day of Christmas...

..baru nak talk about Christmas!(。-_-。) Christmas this last year was somewhat different. Not the day itself, Christmas day was just as every other year, but what I'm referring to here is the Christmas spirit itself in December. Best thing of all - I got to decorate by myself my own Christmas tree! ♥ Ok fine, not my own Christmas tree per se. Rather, the company's. Well, my department's. But still! I did it! I had no idea how to do it but little by little it all adds up and tadaa, a fabulous Christmas tree! This is the part where you would expect a picture of it but sadly I don't have it hahahaha /bloggerfail

Got gifts like three weeks ago, semalam baru nak buka semua!

I've received so many presents from so many people! ♥ If last last year was the first time I've received so many awesome stuff from one person, then last year (ok is it just me or is it just weird that I'm referring this as last year when it happened just so recently ago?) was the first time so many people got me stuff! The average total of presents I get every year is like zero to one wtf so last year was like a huge rise in the charts haha I don't know, there's something about giving and receiving presents that feel so awesome. The best part is the excited look on their faces when they give you something, and also their reaction to the gifts you got them. I know I sound so silly haha but that's how I feel okay!

So basically, our company has this Secret Santa tradition (not only our company la, I'm sure most of the companies out there practice this too, right right right?) where we randomly pick out a colleague's name and we'd have to secretly get a Christmas gift for that person. I was completely at lost at what to get for mine as I had no idea what he likes and stalking him on social media didn't help either because all the likes on this Facebook page are his clients' pages wtf. Luckily Shah downright asked him straight what he wants for Christmas hahahaha so I bought Willy exactly what he said he wouldn't mind getting! So unoriginal of me but he's a practical kind of guy so it was a pretty straightforward no frills gift. Guys are so hard to shop for! (T_T) Anyways going back to the day we're all supposed to trade presents during the Christmas dinner, in the morning I came to the office and there was a little in-team Christmas gifts exchange! Enough talk, let me show you what I got:

Charissa got me a super cool notebook from Typo!
I love stuff from Typo! Even the wrapping paper is Typo!

From Darren, a pretty little crystal growth kit!! Damn tak sampai hati want to use this, 
but when I do I'll definitely chart out the progress here hahaha!

Mystery box from Anne. Wait till you see what's inside.


More from Anne - a personally-drawn illustration of well, me! 

Damn awesome right these gifts! Thank you so much guys for the surprises! ♥ We had half day off that day so I left to look for the gift for Willy after lunch and home after that to prepare for the potluck Christmas dinner! I made some roast potatoes with pumpkin, carrots and rosemary! Was in such a rush and then the traffic back to office was madness I was stuck for about two hours - when I reached everybody sudah start makan already! Wah so much food you know the spread was crazy! (●´∀`●) After food and performances lol we were hanging out at the office taking pictures and just laughing at random stuff.

Then Mike suddenly told us, "maybe you guys should check under your Christmas tree" and we were like "HUH?". Rupanya Stacey have placed some presents for us under the Christmas tree for us and nobody noticed at all! I think Mike cannot tahan the anticipation already so she had to point it out to us bluntly, bet she's secretly judging us and thinking we're slow in the head hahahah! Especially since the Christmas tree is exactly in the middle of the office on a small table!

One for each for us, with a love note hehe!

A Santa Christmas mug! I'm using it as my makeup brush holder now because it's pretty! 

So sweet of her kan! It was her last day with us, and she was the one giving us stuff! (≧∇≦) Feel so blessed last Christmas (ok so weird saying last Christmas again) and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the thought and effort poured into giving gifts. Like, what did I do to ever deserve this! ♥ You see why I say Christmas was different last year? Not just because of all the presents I got, but also because of the feelings I received and the experience of the Christmas spirit despite that fact that it wasn't Christmas day at all. Thank you thank you thank you guys! So much love hahaha!

A couple of days after Christmas day, I got a little gift as well ♥
Kind of reminds me of the infinity symbol, don't you think so too? 

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