Sunday, February 3, 2013

Party rockin' at We Love Asia

Having said what I said in the last post, here's my take on the We Love Asia live show last last weekend! Hahaha honestly though, I didn't want to go at all. Had to literally force myself to step out of the daze and go experience it regardless of the outcome. First night as pretty boring for me, especially since I got separated from the group and the music wasn't all great for me. I had huge doubts about going for the second night but made myself do it anyways. I'm realy glad I did, because it turned out pretty fun! So all pictures are from the second night ok haha! (*⌒_⌒*)

Thanks ChurpChurp for the complimentary tickets!


First time attending such an...event, so impressed with the lightings and visuals! #noob

On the first night I met so many people there, and via the wide screens on the sides of the stage, spotted some familiar faces as well - people who flew in all the way from Kota Kinabalu just for this party weekend! Like our Miss Singing Coconut Nathalie here! ☆ Damn small world ah, and Mei Fong Terri were all there as well, except Charan who fongfeikei on both nights! 

On the second night, I joined these bunch of party people!

I got there a little later than the rest, which I quite regret because when I got there the music was so good! So good as in my personal taste in music kind of good, songs where there are actual voices of people singing mainstream radio shit hahahaha! Sorry la I can never be cool wtf also, I forgot the DJ's name. Dammit let me Google this. Joachim Garraud I think! Ya ya ya it's him, he remixed quite a lineup so great songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers and the likes. Totally can layan, so quickly started dancing even when I'm sober as hell haha I think being in the crowd kind of ups the atmosphere 'cause everyone is so pumped up and ready to go mad! Was so enjoying it until didn't take any pictures pun!

Next up was the dude from LMFAO, Red Foo with the Party Rock Crew! It was quite a fun party vibe but wasn't very much dance-able so we all took lots of pictures haha! At one point they were kicking out huge blow-up zebras (from National Geographic that one!) for everyone to throw here and there but before one of the zebras got to us, a rowdy drunk group in front of us brutally pulled it down, deflated it and ran around with it around their necks wtf. It was kind of...gruesome, poor zebra okay!

And then came the part where everyone probably wouldn't forget in a while - they stripped to their undies and wiggle wiggle wiggled! ∑(O_O;) Shock horror! Even before that they were openly pouring down shots of vodka down the crew's throats in the middle of the stage and that itself was pretty unconventional. Then the Sexy and I Know It song came up and they friggin' tore of their clothes, stripped to their shiny undies and wiggled! All I could think was, "the press is going to have a field day with this!". You can take the girl out of PR, but you can never take take the PR out of the girl haha! The crowd went maaaaaaaad and everyone whipped out their photo-taking devices! I sent the pictures to several friends whom I knew would be entertained lol

Rather than partying along, I was enjoying all these as a performance in itself. I think they're pretty good performers, especially when it comes to engaging the crowd and making sure everyone was watching them while having a good time. It was about midnight when Red Foo and the Party Rock Crew finished their last song and Steve Aoki was coming up next. Took the time to meet up with Chrisy for a bit at the cruiser truck and she was also already packing up . Thanks for the life-saving drink, Chrisy! ♡ By then it was time for me to go too, it's technically Monday already! Shah and the rest pun going back already, so I left just as Steve Aoki started to play haha!

Bukan main jauh lagi Sepang ni! But I'm so glad I went, it was a great night and really worked out a bit with all the dancing and jumping around haha super fun! Ending this with the best picture I took that night, I'm so amazed that my phone can actually take such a great picture. Technology you never cease to amaze me! Phew, blog post done finally! Good night!

Speaking of good night, I had such an odd dream yesterday. I dreamt that one of my tweets was highlighted to the entire world in some popular grammar nazi website or tv show, and everyone I knew saw it! I felt so embarassed with all my grammatical errors. The voiceover/host proceeded to highlight each mistake in utmost detail and I've never felt to stupid in my life before hahaha don't know what kind of dream was that!

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