Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Run Devil Run

Shoes. I need shoes. I am literally wearing flip flops to work everyday (Mimi please don't see this lol) and only putting on a pair of heels when I have to go out for meetings, events and/or social appearances wtf. All because I literally walked a hole through my versatile classic black and white ballerina flats. I can't find another just as good! Been searching for literally (ok using this word too often) months now and nothing seems to suit my preferences. Well there was one pair of black minimalist spiked flats from Nose but they didn't have my size and when I went back there again it was all sold out, fml. Can't wear heels everyday either, don't want to wear them out.

All I want is a simple pair of Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Vegan Divine flats. Retail price £83, RM403 holy crap, for a simple pair of flats. Even if I could afford it (haha) , it's not even available in Malaysia, sigh.

Pictures from Melissa Philippines 

Fine, if Vivienne Westwood is a tad too much to ask, Melissa does have some pretty lust-worthy original collection as well. Like the Melissa Incense II (Wings), currently priced at RM475." Featuring contrast glittery angel wings detailing with a Melissa 'M' stud fastened at the centre back as the highlight, this gorgeous model also features a court shoes style body with matt finish all over, sturdy sole and comfy padded footbed. " I love the Ivory White one! Gorgeous, ain't it?

I really like the Melissa Patchuli V collection too! " A charming dual-tone wedge model that features an open toe front, gloss finish body, and slim contrast-coloured ankle strap with buckle closure. Comfy enough to be worn from am to pm too. " I usually can't stand shiny materials but these look so awesome I want them so badddd, especially the red/blue pair! Going for RM425. (⊙▂⊙) Brb, choking and dying.

Pictures (and descriptions lol) from Melissa Shoes Malaysia

Still, Vivienne Westwood knows best. Like my ultimate dream shoes for the moment, the Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina, £375. That's RM1820 there, for this pair of sky high platforms!

Picture from here

They're so gorgeous how can anyone not love them!
Pictures taken from my favourite site ever - Tokyo Fashion!

Would it be too abrupt if I end things here? It would? Okay wrapping up here anyways, work day tomorrow. Goodnight!

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