Monday, March 11, 2013

Flower Power at Yoyogi Park

If you're looking for content, this is the wrong place to be at haha! Today we'll take a stroll along Yoyogi Park, one of the largest park in Tokyo City, located just a few minutes walk from Harajuku Station. It was an early Sunday morning where we took some time for a little walk before a shopping appointment with Momoa, Rina and Chiharu at noon. Also, I heard that there are flea markets around the area on certain Sundays so no harm checking it out hehe! (*⌒∇⌒*) Seriously though, it was only morning and the sun was on full blast already! What a merciless summer!

Yoyogi National Stadium, on the way from Harajuku Station to Yoyogi Park.

Now what did I say about these summer food stalls being everywhere haha!
From left - Kakigori (flavoured shaved ice), Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki,  Baby Castella (dafuq), Yakisoba, Takoyaki, and repeat!

Taking a quick breather/Stalking Japanese sportsmen

More outdoor food stalls selling shaved ice and yakisoba! This one a bit more atas  haha!

Mind, Yoyogi Park has many entrances as it's so large! We entered via the entrance nearest to Harajuku!

Almost felt like we were transported to another realm. Walking towards Yoyogi Park, it was all hustle and bustle with loud chatters, children running around, and street musicians showing off their skills but as soon as we entered Yoyogi Park, everything died down to a still, calm quiet. Nothing but soft murmurs and the gentle sway of millions of leaves. Oh Japan how you never fail to leave me in awe. Apparently this park's amazing during autumn, where the grounds are covered with tens of thousands of golden leaves!

Sleeveless man just chilling enjoying the sun and peace. There's another amazing picture we took here,
together with a topless man lying on the benches but the picture is in YK's camera boo I want them pictures so bad!(>д<) 

It wasn't spring, but there were certainly pretty flowers blooming in the little rose gardens!

Love love love the lush flowers! ♥ The gate behind is another park entrance!

They could be colourful weeds for all I care.

Pretty delicate colours, embracing the sun with such spirit!

Dainty yellow flowers are always good for a little burst of energy for the soul!

Somebody so happily soaking up the warmth together with the jolly plants, alone!
Fine let me take my own picture with them flowers hehe look, I even match the pink roses!

Next thing we knew, it was already almost noon and the sun was really going at it!
Time to leave the quiet breeze, and say hello to my favourite place in Tokyo, Harajuku!

Which road should we take, this time? 

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