Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Little Furry Friends

Technically, they're not furry. Just really really soft and fuzzy! ♥ I have never ever ever bought a soft toy for myself before, until last week. I've got it for presents, yes, but never for myself as far as I could remember. I guess little teddy bears and puppies just didn't really do it for me, especially if they're out of proportion haha don't get me wrong, I do have a collection of soft toys in my bedroom but they're all gifts from loved ones so I'm keeping them more for their sentimental value than their aesthetic value. That said, they're an awesome bunch so I do like having them around! (•‿•)

From left - Shamrock, Kekitty, Tiny Red, Domokun, Patrick, Mini Mouse, and Akabeko! 

Shamrock's StoryMy late grandmother was a traditional woman. Up until the last ten years or so, she was a loving caring lady who sure can cook the best meals. Then she caught a stroke and lost all feelings on the left side of her body, including her speech. It was really tough for her, to live every day with the care of the maid all alone at home and never fully communicating to anyone in all eight years. It was so frustrating to the point that she would often cry and throw tantrums, gradually turning into someone completely different from the kind and gentle person we remember. She must have really good karma though, because all the maids took great care of her, with the last one staying with her for up to five years and strangely understood my grandmother's whims and wants. So when my grandmother passed on a couple years ago I felt somewhat relieved. I think she'd be happier, to be released from the prison of her own body. Like I said, she was a traditional woman, literally came from China with my late grandfather whom I have never met, and for her to come visit us in Kuantan many years back bearing a TY Beanie Bear as gift was really surprising for me even as a child haha! Guess that's why I've been keeping it all these years.

Oh Patrick too has a story. Basically my cousins used to have a Patrick each that they bring together to bed with them, and I was so addicted to cudling and playing with Patrick's bean-filled paws that I wouldn't give it back to my cousins haha think I was about 7 or 8 years old at that time. Don't remember much of the details but my brother soon bought it for me for Christmas and my cousins were really happy about it too haha! I knew it costs a bomb back then, like RM60 or so for a friggin' soft toy! Original okay, that's the one time my brother ever got me anything for a gift hahahah! As for the rest, Kekitty was a gift from YK, Tiny Red and Mini Mouse from my aunt, Domokun from my cousin and Akabeko from my host father in Fukushima!

After all that, I thought hey no more clutter soft toys anymore because honestly who gives soft toys as gifts to a girl in her twenties anyways! Unless they are the classic no-fake-shit teddy bears by Ralph Lauren or hipster plushies handsewn by indie businesses, those I'd welcome with open arms but I don't think I'd love them as much. Plus if you know me well enough you'd know I'm just not that kind of person haha!

Until Botak came into my life wtf

I don't even know what exactly is Botak. Strawberry? Dragon fruit? Shah just went Ikea shopping one day and brought some little plushy friends back into the office the next day! Sure there's a snake and brocolli/celery thing too, but Botak here is extra squishy and cuddly! (>y<)I quickly claimed ownership (padahal bukan beli sendiri pun lol) of Botak before anyone could get their hands on it hahahaha but as you can see, Botak tends to stray wtf. Sometimes I accidentally call it Boolat though hahaha reminds me of my other pet Eugene Wee ah? Botak looks so silly, always smiling like that!


Temporary insanity. Must be all that Chinese New Year stress!

There's just one more missing from the Ikea vegetable group though. THE CARROT. 



Seriously can't believe I can write about this hahahaha what an excuse!



  2. Fuarkkkkk ! So many plushies ! Surely alot of dust collect leh!


  4. LOL. botak -.- I tot the roots thingy are his hairrrrrrrrr

  5. OMGGG YOU GUYS (>______<)

    Shahzeeq oh please do not insult me like that! Hahaha! Darren HELLO IT AIN'T YOURS EITHER haha!

  6. HAHA I love the ikea veggies! Botak is adorable. I was never a plushy girl until my boyfriend gave me one before we had a 3 month long distance episode. You better believe I slept with that plushie every night. I think you're right about the sentimental value for sure. I'm going to hold on to mine for a long time <3 Although I will say that mine is now where near as cute as yours!

  7. so many furry friends! i prefer that broccoli! hahaha