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Odaiba Good Times!


It's been officially a whole year since the very first time I stepped onto the Land of the Rising Sun. (╥_╥) What, I've only written about my experiences here on this blog like, twice? Terrible right! I hope my memory won't fuck me up, but I'm glad I've got tons of pictures to help! Continuing from where I left off in this previous post, this is the second part of the second day of my third trip in Japan! Ok not helping with the confusion, but read that sentence word by word okay confirm understand hehe so after that great meal in Shibuya with some of my friends, YK and I wanted to
head off to Odaiba and they so nicely offered to accompany us yeay off to Teleport Station! Odaiba is actually an artificial island a little distance off central Tokyo, took us about half hour train ride to get here from Shibuya. 

Disclaimer - Pictures in this post are both from both my first and second trip, wouldn't want to do a repeat post on Odaiba so imma make life easier for myself kthxbai enjoy!

Seriously, it's called Teleport Station!

The first thing I saw when we got out of the train station - FUJI TV BUILDING!!!
Where the variety show VS Arashi is filmedddddddddd every week! O(≧▽≦)O

Colourful ferris wheel. How can anyone not love ferris wheels? ♥

As it was summer, there were several mobile stalls selling shaved ice and stuff.
These things were everywhere on every street especially around attractions and parks!

For all the Gundam fans out there, here's a huge-ass one right in front of Diver City Mall!

Finally got people help take picture(s) of us! (╥_╥)

It doesn't get more Japan than this! A cosplay photoshoot session! 
Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures of what was going on but it was still pretty cool

National Museum of Emerging Sciene and Innovation, also known as Miraikan in Japan. 
I was so looking forward to coming here again with YK, best museum ever seriously don't miss it!

Opening time 10AM-5PM, closed on Tuesday except if it happens to be on a national/school holiday. Entrance fee ¥600 (approx. RM22). Groups of eight or more, ¥480 (approx. RM18). Worth every cent okay! Oh there's this free tourist guide book that offers discount coupons for most museums/attractions in Tokyo, try to get one for yourself at tourist centres/airports!

First up - the Geo-Cosmos @ TSUNAGARI Project Section. This large globe is made out of hundreds of LED screens with precision exceeding 10 million pixels. The image projected is basically the view of earth  from space, that changes by and by acording to actual data collected from satellites. So it's constantly moving and changing, seriously super cool, I could stare at this forever. You actually can you know, since they provide comfy couches to lie back on to watch!

Sometimes there are special exhibitions or display themes where you can try out different things. 
This was one of it, on my first trip, I didn't know what's going on but hey, yellow hearts! 

The very main reason I love this museum so much is that fact that EVERYTHING is so interactive. Basically the displays are separated into different sections throughout several floors and each bear their own different theme. Almost always there will be a staff or two on each section, ready to assist and explain the themes. You don't even need them though, because everything's designed to be understood simply by vision and hands-on experience. Best part of the museum is, it's BILINGUAL! YES TO ENGLISH!

Featuring themes like Earth, Environment, Medicine, Communication, and tons more!

Lifestyle 2050 Section is where we get to be citizens of an imaginary city set in the future year of 2050. 

Welcome to Itookashi City!

As it was a weekday, no queue, so we didn't have to wait long before we got this ticket!

You'd have to stand in front of a screen, insert the ticket, and follow instructions using hand movements

See, everybody's got their own screen and that's why there'll be a line if there's too many people around.
These are my groupmates on my first trip to Japan. Hello orang orang Malaysia!

I've never appreciated English so much in all my life haha!

Wow I wore the same cardigan on the both times I've visited Miraikan!

 Not going to spoil it for you with details, but the process took like ten to fifteen minutes.

Moving on to a cute artificial seal that responds to the human touch. Japanese kids are crazy cute!

Cross section of a brain at The Brain Section, I wonder whose. Oddly fascinating haha! 
Here they test out your brain functions using visual and auditory illusions!

 You'll see bilingual quotes like this every here and there. 
Most boring caption ever or what. It's almost 2AM okay don't judge me!

I really liked this part of the Earth, Environment and Me Section. You touch the ring on the dacing  and a video will start to play,
visualizing all the environmental destructions that contributed to the making of that one little ring.

This huge elaborate mechanical section of A Hands-On Model of the Internet is pretty interesting too. It visualizes the mechanism of how a single tap on your phone is processed to pixels that transforms to transfers of information on the Internet and mobile phones. So you take a black or white ball, drop it in a slow and watch how it goes through the maze and comes out in its complete form. At least that's what I think it is, didn't spend too much time here just heard a little of what the staff was saying haha!

This section is also about words and communication. I don't really know how to explain but basically you're supposed to copy out a displayed character, but the catch is that the pad you're writing on is designed to flip whatever you're writing so it comes out as an opposite mirror image instead. It's a test to see how your brain adjusts! Get it ah hahaha sorry, suck at explaning things!

Then anything you write will be projected instantly on this wall! Wall of fails lol

As an added bonus, for several times in a day, people will be gathered around to...


I was like, woar stuff of legends man seriously! Asimo kicks ball and talks fluently!
Apparently the Humanoid Robot Asimo works as a Science Communicator of Miraikan. Wonder what's his salary like?

Some creepy puppet thing I didn't stop to pay attention to hahahaha!

Now this, my favourite part called the Information Society - Songs of ANAGURA. Sounds like an anime right haha aptly named so, because it's so much fun! Again you'd have to get a ticket and put it through the machine, once that's done, you''ll have this blobby thing following you around everywhere you go within that area!

Only a certain number of people can enter at a time, but it's so awesome right like friggin' hell technology you've come a long way! Apparently your location, movements and voices will be treated as information and projected through the visuals and speakers. Spent quite a bit of time here just in awe!

And if two people get close to each other, the blobby things actually reach out to hold hands!

You even put in your initials and these speakers will start singing to you, personalized sial!

Some mesmerizing light experiment thing haha failed caption #89316513710.

Space toilet, at the The Universe - This is ISS, Go Ahead Section.

That's it! No time to explore everyhing sigh! Here's us just taking pictures of ourselves on this screen where if someone claps their hands music notes will appear around them on the screen.What's it called again, augmented reality or something?

We were in such a rush as we had only an hour till the museum closes. Really wish we had more time to finish exploring and playing around the entire museum. Next time, next time I'll be back again and spend a whole day here! So we went out unsatisfied and started messing around with helium hehehe!

Got some time to spare so it's purikura time! (●⌒∇⌒●) Here's Momoa and Haruko concentrating hard on decorating the pictures we took, imma let the pros handle this and chill haha!

Seriously damn cun their purikura machines, can choose different themes and all!

Tadaa end results! My face damn big ah in all the pictures haha! They so nice belanja us yeay!

Momoa and Hama-chan being silly with me hehehe such awesome people! ♥

Then they took us for dinner. We wanted to try monjyayaki at some authentic place but it was getting late so we settled for a generic monjyayaki/okonomoyaki place within the mall. I really think it was so goooood though, much thanks to my untrained non-native-Japanese tastes haha! This was mochi and cheese okonomiyaki mmm with the chewy mochi and cheese oozing out, it's my favourite!

Spring onion also good! Japanese food has the ability to make such a simple thing as spring onion taste so good as the main flavour of a dish. Ah looking at this makes me want some so bad!

Serious okonomiyaki-cutting faces. I have so much respect for the both of them. Momoa was carrying (carrying, not rolling you know!) her really heavy luggage all around Tokyo/Odaiba with us all day as she literally just arrived from Nagoya for this reunion, plus her shoe strap came off but she didn't even complain a single word. We even offered to help her but she smiled and told us it's okay. Hamachan here too had his luggage all the time as he was going to take the next bus straight to Osaka after meeting us! I bet it was a very tiring day for the both of them but they were still so chatty, cheery and gracious to us at the end of the day. They even treated us to this meal omg I love you guys so much please come visit me (╥_╥) 

After the great meal, it was already night time so the both of them left, leaving YK and I to explore Odaiba on our own travelling feet! We didn't really know where we were haha so just randomly walked around!

Super cute bears. 25 celcius that's right, so humid seriously I don't think I want to voluntarily go back to Japan in the summer again for a holiday. Definitely springtime for me, the next time I buy tickets to Japan! YK was totally fine with the weather though haha she loved it wtf I don't get it. On a plus side, there's the summer sale! But walking around touristy places and taking pictures? Cooler weather please!

Now let me show you why I have to take the time to edit every single picture before I blog about them. See how terrible this below picture's quality, taken with my five years old seven-megapixels Sony camera. I tried so many times to take an awesome night view picture but they still came out like this, if not worse. 

Then there's this picture, taken by my less-than-a-year-old Sony Xperia S mobile phone, with eight megapixels. CAN YOU SPOT THE EPIC DIFFERENCE between my camera and phone?!

Zooms in pretty clearly too. Check out Tokyo Tower at the back!

Camwhore because we must! Miss wearing coloured contact lenses! We spent quite a bit of time here enjoying the view and taking pictures, it was pretty quiet there so that was quite nice. YK doing most of the picture-taking, while I just took a couple and ran off here and there haha still have not seen the pictures from her camera though. Ahem. Just saying. Been more than half a year. Ahem. Hehehe! 

She was taking like a gazillion pictures, so I got myself flavoured shaved ice to cool down in the heat, otherwise she'd have to deal with a real grumpy monster haha! A really expensive tub of flavoured shaved ice (kakigori ) wtf. The exchange rate was terrible that time, sakit hati max when I see the rates going down so much lower these days! YK took a video of me buying it haha but don't know where it is already!

Rare self-taken picture. Makeup damn ons hahaha if I may say so myself!

Felt so much better after consuming the flavourite shaved ice. It tasted exactly like syrup, nothing more but it's such a classic Summer-in-Japan thing that I couldn't help overlooking the price and going for it anyways. At least I've got this picture taken righttttt! We went back to the hotel soon after this, waiting forever for a bus that never came and took the train home in the end.What an exhausting, but incredible day, Odaiba good times indeed! Ok confession time, I refered heavily to the museum guide leaflet for section names and brief explanations! What, you really did thought I could have stored all that information in my little goldfish brain? 

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