Sunday, April 14, 2013


I've been dreaming quite a bit lately. From boring everyday-life scenarios to crazy-shit-that-could-happen-at-work to wildly fantastical adventures. Sometimes I wake up feeling relieved (especially work-related dreams), emotionally-drained, or sometimes just plain old tired. But more often than not, I wake up thinking "wtf just happened" hahahaha! Last night I had a pretty interesting dream! From saving the world to having superpowers but the part that I remembered most in details was stepping into my new home for the first time!

I remember walking along the hallway into the living room, and the walls were painted brightly in blue and green. It was so blue and green that it couldn't possibly pass as any other colour like navy, or mint green, or any variety of blue and green shades. It was simply blue and green. I remember thinking to myself, "Colour blocking gone horribly wrong, but I suppose I can live with that." hahahaha so I did some research on the meanings of colours in dreams. Ok I literally Googled that out, picked the first site and got these!

The colour blue vibrates with the energies of wisdom, truth, heaven, devotion, eternity, tranquillity, loyalty, openness, receptivity and loyalty. Seeing blue in your dreams may suggest a feeling, need or desire to get away from a situation.The colour blue appearing in dreams may symbolize your Spirit Guide and Divine life path and soul mission. It also suggests clarity of mind and optimism for the future. Alternatively, dreaming of blue may be suggesting ‘being blue’ or ‘feeling blue’. When blue appears in your dreams it helps you to attain inner-peace and harmony, mental security and a desire for deeper understanding. Blue is stimulating to our spiritual security. If there is a long of blue in your dream it allows for composure, patience, gentleness and contentment. The colour blue appearing in dreams inspires: love, kindness and compassion, wisdom, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, healing, contemplation and sensitivity. Seeing blue in your dreams releases: fear and anxiety, self-pity, self-rejection, worry, depression and detachment, passivity, coldness and isolation.

Also on the colour green:

Green symbolizes growth, positive change, healing and peace. Seeing green in your dream may suggest or symbolize your efforts to establish your independence or gain personal recognition. Green resonates with natural life, vigour, growth, hope, good health, healing and balance and when appearing in dreams symbolizes and stimulates feelings of love, harmony, peace and personal growth. Green seen within a dream is beneficial for healing any deep brooding feelings of regret and/or remorse. Green appearing in dreams helps with overcoming and limiting attachments. Green energy is very healing on feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. Overall, the colour green is a very healing energy and vibration to experience in your dreams. The colour green signifies positive changes, growth and fertility, peace and serenity. Dreaming of the colour green may be giving you the ‘green light’, implying that you are to go ahead with current plans. Seeing green in your dreams can be implying that you are inexperienced or lack experience is some way. Green appearing in your dreams may be symbolic of your ambitions,  also may be suggesting that there is a need to balance your masculine and feminine aspects and attributes. The colour green can be symbolic of money and wealth (OOOOH I CERTAINLY HOPE SO) and is also the colour of envy and jealousy, depending upon the tone or theme of the dream. Seeing green in your dreams inspires: generosity, vitality, power, expansion, encouragement, open-heartedness, a need to nurture, compassion and empathy, sharing, harmony, balance and growth. Green appearing in dreams releases: possessiveness and jealousy, selfish attachment, envy, insecurity, mistrust and self-doubt.

There was also quite a bit of black, in all the sofas and furnitures in the blue and green living room:

Black is the colour of the unconscious, mystery, change and protection. It resonates with indifference, gloom, death, darkness, obscurity and secrecy. Black is often associated with death or major changes. Seeing black in your dream may represent the death of old ideas and/or the endings of a situation or phase in your life. Seeing the colour black in your dreams may also suggest a hidden or rejected aspect of yourself. Black can symbolize the unconscious, hidden things, the unknown and endings. Black appearing in dreams invites us to delve deeply in the subconscious mind in order to gain a better understanding of the ‘Self’. Black appearing in your dreams may be representing potentials and possibilities and may be symbolic of a ‘clean slate’ or ‘blank slate’. Within the context of the dream theme, seeing black can suggest Divine qualities and heightening spirituality.

The story of this dream was, I had somehow gotten married wtf and the faceless nameless husband bought a house and gave me the free reigns to do whatever I want with the house before we move in. I was so excited because this is like the The Sims in real life! I love decorating stuff and making things look better! So I explored the house and once I reached of the kitchen, opened up the curtains to see a chap fan store there wtf hahahahaha rupanya it's an apartment on ground floor facing the streets and I was quite annoyed la like why must buy ground floor unit later cockroaches and insects come in how. A clear influence from reading Vivy's blog haha! So I was like, fine, we robohkan the whole wall and seal the whole place up so it's completely indoors and don't have to see the chap fan store. Then I continued on a renovation/decoration frenzy! Here's what I got from the Internet on such a dream:

Moving into a new house in a dream symbolizes your feeling that you are moving into a new phase or stage in your life. A new opportunity has presented itself in your waking life. It may occur when your children leave the nest or you get a new raise or promotion in your work (HAHA). If you dream about moving house or about construction on your dream house this can indicate change is needed or that your relationship with yourself needs to be repaired or worked on. Also look at health matters as the house or home can represent your body as well as your personality. Take note of any damage or decay that has occurred in your life and see how this is represented through your dream house. 

 Interesting huh. Sigh. もういいよ.


  1. most of the time i cant remember any of my dreams but i am a person who have dejavu a lot so yeah it's kinda freaky at first but after a while i somehow became a psychic.... lol

  2. Henry! Ohhh is it like suddenly you feel like you've dreamt/experience a certain moment before? I get that often too!!