Monday, April 1, 2013

☆♡ Harajuku Lovers ♡☆

"A pedestrian paradise
where the catwalk got its claws
A subculture in a kaleidoscope of fashion
prowl the streets of Harajuku
Style detached from content
A fatal attraction to cuteness"

-Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani

One of my favourite songs from Gwen Stefani's debut solo album, Love.Angel.Music.Baby! I honestly don't think she could have described the fashion aspect of Harajuku any better than that. I absolutely absolutely
absolutely love Harajuku! My favourite place in Tokyo, ever! Granted, I've only been there like three times but every single time there's always something new to discover. A quiet street bearing the most outrageous fashion boutiques, a small corner shop selling an assortment of quirky knick knacks, or uber fashionable shopkeepers hanging out outside their shop dressed in full lolita outfits! Yes, the one thing about Harajuku is that it's never ever boring!

The oh-so-charming Harajuku Station ♥

I love these pictures above. I guess there's that thrill when so many people are waiting at the other side of the road and when the green light appears, everyone starts walking across, chattering so happily while looking so stylish and you get that "ah I'm really in Japan" sort of feeling. Nothing could ever beat that feeling.

View of the street you must cross haha!

This is the crowd you will see on your right upon crossing over the road from Harajuku Station. 
Guess everybody's meet up spot is here since everyone hanging here literally look like they're waiting.
Including myself wtf was waiting for my friends to show up hehe!

Depending on your luck, you might even see GAP selling drinks! How peculiar haha!

 Once you crossed the road and joined the waiting crowd, head to your left and you will soon find
the very street that practically defines Harajuku in all the tourist guides - Takeshita Street! Spot me in the below pic haha!

I LOVE TAKESHITA STREET. (●♡∀♡) As you can see, the arch changes designs ever so often, probably according to the season. The top picture is during mid-summer, and the bottom is late-winter. It is so insanely packed to the brim with all sorts of people during weekends and every single shop that lines both sides of this street is so different from the next. Sure, they're mostly clothes, shoes and accessories but in various styles okay! There's lolita, goth, punk, mori, decora, otona, and so many more! One shop called Momo has really affordable clothing too that you should totally check it out, we spent quite some time there going through all three floors and there was the summer sale going on at that time. I went into Forever21, H&M and Daiso too haha couldn't resist! Tons of secondhand clothes shops around too (some selling Vivienne!) and the shoes shops aren't too expensive either, going for about ¥1500 for a decent pair of really cute heels, approx RM55. The exchange rate wasn't too much in our favour at that time and it was a Strict Budget Trip so no excessive unnnessesary shopping for me. *stern

So. Many. People. 

Made a quick stop at Calbee for some fried potato snacks! I love these stuff
I buy them at every convenience store I pass by (which is like every two minutes walk wtf)!

To get to see them make it fresh and buy them on the spot is so exciting for me! (⊙▽⊙)

The menu, obviously. The top left is salted butter flavour drink set for ¥380
(approx RM11 homaigawd can buy dua kantung  of Australian potatoes already!)
and the rest I dunno just point at whatever looks good okay?

TADAA! Here's what I got! I think la, I ate so many of these things I cannot remember already!

I even bought more home teehee! Spicy Cheese from the "Adult Flavour" range is so good, another one of
my favourite flavour is Ginger Chicken! Sounds weird, but seriously good stuff don't doubt me!

After that we went around shopping shopping and it was time for us part from the group.
They are so sweet they bought us snacks! There you see in the plastic that I am awkwardly holding in the picture! ♡♡♡

We kind of speed walked all around Takeshita Street, barely stopping for window shopping it was all zoom zoom zoom until I see a drugstore every ten minutes and YK had to pull me away then it was zoom zoom zoom again! We didn't have much time to spare okay this is a jam-packed trip haha! Next thing we know our stomachs were growling - lunchtime! Rina earlier suggested this really affordable udon place called Hanamaru Udon. It's located in the middle of Takeshita Street so you got to keep an eye out for the orange sign because the restaurant is kind of at the basement, you'd have to go down a flight of stairs. Look out for this okay see I kindly took picture of it for everyone's reference. Eventhough it's kind of half-assed but whatevers okay make do with it!

One of the best meals I've had throughout this trip, serious shit. So simple, so affordable, so good. That, or I was way too hungry to have proper judgement. If it's during lunch time, you kind of have to line up starting from the flight of stairs and as you close in to the ordering counter, you'll see menu with picture displays all around (don't remember if there's English or not, but I don't think so) so just point at whichever you want. Pick something simple like mine! 

Then after you order they will prepare and pass you your bowl of noodles in like 20 seconds (all this while you're still in line) and you need to put that one a tray to continue on the line to payment counter. Along the way, there'll be some tempura and fried sides you can pick and place on some plates they have ready there. I took two prawns! Once you reach the payment counter, they'll see what you have on your tray, you order your drinks (green tea is the safest bet) and you pay on the spot once they've calculated the bill total. This meal for two costed us approximately RM50-RM60 in total, if I remember correctly. WHICH IS CHEAP OKAY. Once you've paid, you pick up your tray and find a spot to sit in the packed restaurant, which is pretty difficult.

Luckily it was only YK and me so we menumpang  table with two random girls. Wait there's more! See the bulat bulat  crunchy thing on my bowl of noodles? You can totally to the back of the restaurant to scoop out however much you want of these stuff, and add in chilli powder, soy sauce and basic condiments as you'd like. Yeay free stuff hahahaha!

Control ayu.

No control ayu.

Once we had our fill, it was time to explore more streets around Harajuku! That's it for captions hahaha it'll be all pictures from here on. These are the little alleys and streets around Harajuku I found so utterly charming. They're relatively quiet from all the hustle and bustle of Takeshita Street but oh the charms of Harajuku can surely be found in every quaint little corner you turn to. It was simply delightful to get lost in these maze. Take a look for yourself, and tell me how can one not fall in love with the charms of Harajuku?

Eh sorry potong stim hahahaha some back alley in Takeshita Street!
The above picture is the OTHER end of Takeshita Street!

Damn panas  the cuaca . That's all I can say. Don't go during summer.
No wait, go during summer for the summer sales! But don't stay outdoors too long ok!

Ending it with a close up of the Takeshita Street arch.
Spot the super cute Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!


  1. I've only been to Japan ONCE and the only thing I remembered about the time I was there are Disneyland, Universal Studio and the long bus ride from one place to another -.-

  2. Must be from Osaka to Tokyo! :) I'd love to visit Universal Studio one day! Hahaha how may years back ago was your trip?