Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strawberry Yogurt at Meiji Jingu

Picking up from where I left off from the last Japan travel post...

We left Harajuku with a happy tummy and took a short walk towards the
Meiji Jingu entrance!

This shrine dedicated to the late Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken is one of the most popular and important in Japan. Officially completed and finished in 1921, the original building was destroyed in World War 2 and in 1958, it was rebuilt again to the same design we see today. Apparently (or so says Wikipedia) the surrounding forest covers about 175 acres of some 120,000 trees donated by the people of Japan during the early establishment of this shrine. Mind, the shrine entrance is just literally two minutes walk from hustle and bustle of Harajuku Station, one of the busiest train stations in the heart of Tokyo. One minute you're bumping elbows against a crowd of uber stylish teens, and next minute you're hearing birds chirp in the middle of a peaceful, quiet forest. This is the very reason why I cannot help but to admire Japan so much, that balance of old and new, modern and traditional, fashion and culture, that makes Japan so unique. We've got so much to learn from them in this aspect. Moving on now to the visuals! Ok no more descriptions already, I also don't know how to explain. Oh let me explain first, the title is titled that way because I had strawberry yogurt ice-cream before we started the pretty long walk in. It look us like 20 minutes I guess to reach the inner shrine buildings. My feet were so tired I was like dragging them like a zombie hahahaha!

(It's summer okay I cannot resist ice-cream. I think I had an average of two ice creams everyday!)

Half done for the day! Laziest post ever hahahaha! 

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