Monday, April 8, 2013

WeChat Party 2013

The first time I heard of WeChat (originally launched as Weixin until last April 2012) was about a year ago, on the final day of Japan Study Program where all the participants were busy exchanging contact details and Facebook names. I remember we were quite close to the participants from China and we started talking about the messaging apps on our smartphones. Apparently WeChat is one of the most used app in China, all the Chinese have them on their smartphones and even suprisingly, quite a number of participants from other countries use WeChat too! For quite some journey (we were in the bus!) they were all exchanging their WeChat details but I didn't have a smartphone so I was like yeah whatever, put my earphones on and tuned them out hahahaha! #antisocial wtf

So two weeks ago when I got the invite for this
WeChat Party 2013 ( I already have a smartphone now by the way, just so we're clear on this haha ) , I was thinking "Ehhh that WeChat thing that they this and that at that time!" and my colleague who heard about the event was telling the team how great WeChat is as compared to many other similar apps. WeChat is said to be a new and powerful mobile communication tool that supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages, among many other convenient functions. Anyone with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry devices can download WeChat you know! Guess the WeChat Party 2013 will be a great opportunity to find out even more! (。◕‿◕。)

Now here's a promising start to the party!

Tri Xha and I arrived at Neverland super early, thank goodness our office is just so near. Neverland seemed pretty familiar from the outside and that's when I realised that I've been here before, a year or two back for some Sunsilk Mini Concert event! That, and also the other thing that Neverland reminded me and Tri Xha of hahaha! Good thing we got there early though, because we didn't have to wait to take some pictures at the purikura photobooth purikura photobooth yeay! They even printed the pictures out for us, great idea for a personalized souvenir! Now we'll forever have copies of our silly faces hahahaha clearly not taking the #topblogger responsibilities seriously enough wtf

Time to download the WeChat app meet some party people first!

Elie Lam's facial expression is so epic here I couldn't resist!

Now time to download the WeChat app! Tadaa! (☆^ー^☆) 

Okay la okay la I cheated. The above picture's not even true haha that's Tri Xha's phone! My signal strength was terrible and Tri Xha got to download it first so I figured I'd better take a backup picture first just in case I couldn't get any line at all to download WeChat for real on my phone. Had to keep trying because I want to see my message on the group chat live update on the mega screen and win the new iPad hahaha!! It wasn't until the WeChat Party 2013 officially started that I got enough signal strength to download it! FINALLY!

Start stalking okay jangan tak stalk, because Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam the ambassadors of WeChat are waiting!
See, even Daphne Iking and Angelababy are available to chat up with!

So many things pictures and stalkings, and yet the party have barely begun haha! The emcee of the night was Rudy, whom Tri Xha describes as the Malaysian version of Jack Black (I almost spelled it as Jet Black wtf had to go Google it to confirm lol) hahahaha kind of true right if you look at him! The party started off with an energetic street dance performance that I didn't take a picture of because we were too busy stuffing ourselves full with food and here you have it Henrey Hii and Vivian Chua prepping for a duet soon! Oh and the vice president of Tencent International, Mr Poshu Yeung also came up stage for a quick welcome note to get us all in the party mood! 

Look at 'em WeChat cupcakes!

This was so funny! We went to the buffet line to take pictures of these cupcakes and once we were done, we didn't know what else to do with them because we can't just put them back and risk getting caught in the act and we were way too full for any more food so we just walked around awkwardly holding them hahaha! Speaking of food, the buffet line was pretty good! There were tons of STRAWBERRIES on the fruit platter! ♡^▽^♡ I bumped into Chrisy there too, what a coincidence! So nice to catch up with her again and there we were taking a photo with the awkward cupcake haha!

After that we were pretty occupied with the performances from Awi Rafael, DJ SkyGroove and the several generous lucky draw sessions! So many people won so many awesome prizes man! We also had the honour to be check out the three commercials specially produced by WeChat Malaysia in Bahasa Malaysia, featuring the two very popular Malaysian sweethearts Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam. What makes WeChat so special compared to other similar apps, you ask? Let's see what Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam have to say about that!

Pretty cool eh! The commercials are pretty cute, so natural too! I've always liked Lisa Surihani, she's really such a sweet person in real life. Also something extra about WeChat, aside from the fact that it's absolutely free to download, install and use right away, you also can't tell if someone has read your messages. Which could be a good thing because when random people message you, you may choose to ignore it after reading without feeling guilty at all hahahaha! If you don't have WeChat on your smartphone yet (living under a rock I see) , head on over to WeChat to find out more and download it now if you know what's good for you!

Saying goodnight with my super cute WeChat plushie we all got in the goodie bag! (∪。∪)。。。zzz

(Hah as if anyone actually goes to bed with full makeup)


  1. Hahahaha so much love for LINE ok! Got blonde bimbo man stickers, who don't want! :D