Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Strolling about Harajuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro

This is one of those travel posts that is made up of pictures and nothing else!

You've been warned haha! I love taking pictures of things that catch my eye so I'll tell you exactly what I love about these pictures taken during a stroll (in other words, a very long walk under the hot hot sun) to Shibuya after the whole peace and quiet of Meiji Jingu.

Still within Harajuku vicinity, there was a crowd under a bridge

Watching this street performer! Wasn't particularly fantastic and yet people stopped to watch, so supportive!

Now that it's after noon, there are so many more people around

More summer food stalls because they're so colourful and I love them!。◕‿◕。 

Growing up, I've always seen these summer stalls in anime and manga so it's kind off a big deal haha!




Until we found out it was closed.

Missed it by like ten minutes or so.

Only the souvenir store was open.

It's a terrible feeling (╥_╥)

Here are some Domokuns instead.

Silly faces because I was kind of really disappointed (╥_╥)

So we continued walking towards Shibuya, and found MOS Burger mmm!

A great example of how each building in the city are so different from the next. Love it!

au by KDDI, because Arashi ♡ 

This one, I just love the name of the shop :  for one - seven by EDIFICE.

Probably took this as a reminder of where these pictures were taken haha! 

Staircase down to an interesting restaurant, next to some graffiti art. 

YK said Momoa told her Denny's a good place for a coffee break so we dropped by for some aircon rest

Ain't no coffee for me no thank you. Had some delicious green tea ice cream with mochi instead!
See what I told you about summer in Japan and ice creams, I just cannot resist. 

Back to the streets again

The Loft, where I got my favourite rainbow earphone jack! We're finally in Shibuya!

More epic Shibuya crossing pictures because it's epic.

To be honest I feel so Japanese everytime I do this HAHAHA

True that! We bought so many Japanesque souvenirs here!
Also my current Whatsapp wallpaper, just because it's cute.

Lovely ladies in yukata at the train station. 
Wonder where's the summer festival they're heading to?

We were heading to Ikebukuro instead. Lots of neon signs!

Expensive Hello Kitty merchandises too!

Wasn't much to do around Sunshine City, explored around aimlessly for a bit.

Decided to head back to the hotel soon after as we were SO INCREDIBLY TIRED.

Here's an example of a budget meal from the nearby 7-Eleven, totalling up for about RM12.

Two onigiris and my favourite strawberry yogurt drink ♡ Good way to end the long long day!


  1. these are some pretty good pics, i miss japan :(


    People (Shah Anne Darren!) always say I suck at taking pictures hahahaha!

    Plan for a trip again laaa, heard last week MAS was having a sale for return trips to Osaka less than RM1000 only! :D