Monday, June 3, 2013

Kamakura Part Two : Visiting the Great Buddha at Kotokuin Temple

I am no Buddhist, let me first clarify. My intentions to visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura, also known as Kamakura Daibutsu (大仏), had no religious significance hahaha but I just had to go. You certainly cannot miss this if you're within the Kamakura vicinity okay! It's is a long distance from Engakuji Temple so we walked aimlessly for quite a bit before asking for help and taking a bus over to the Kamakura Station (quite a bustling place, compared to Kita-Kamakura Station), where we hitched another bus ride to Kotokuin Temple (高徳院) where Kamakura Daibutsu is chilling out. Damn I keep typing Kawamura or Kawakura instead of Kamakura. Confusing eh! Anyway, no trip to Kamakura is complete without trying out it's local specialty, the murasaki imo sofuto! (✿◠‿◠) Haha in English, purple sweet potato soft-serve ice cream. Panjang gila nama bila cakap omputih. Ambik kau tetiba kuar Melayu pulak dah. The streets are literally littered with stores selling purple sweet potato snacks, I'd say one in every 300 metres or so I don't know how they compete hahaha good thing is you don't have to know how to read anything, just spot the ice cream cones with lilac top on display in front of the stores can already! 

We simply picked one small store near Kotokuin Temple!

Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats ice cream on a hot sunny day.
The flavour was quite subtle, I'd give it a thumbs up just for being cold and sweet!

They sell purple sweet potato croquette too you know! We tried that too but it was just normal, nothing to call home about. Purple sweet potato croquette tasted exactly like how you'd imagine purple sweet potato croquette to taste like hahahah but go for it if you're there, just to say that you've tried it. Now that we're all powered up with ice cold ice cream, time to get back on track for the next adventure - the Kotokuin Temple which holds the second tallest Bronze Buddha statue in Japan. Entrance fee was ¥200, about RM8 at that time. There's a small fee if you'd like to enter the Buddha though, the statue's hollow you see. 

Another 'free' souvenir hehe can use as bookmark too!

Quite a number of local tourists so clear pictures were quite difficult. So thankful that Kotokuin Temple is much smaller compared for the Engakuji Village earlier hahaha I went in the vicinity, took these pictures below, bought some souvenir postcards in less than five minutes and just sat at the stairs watching people until YK was done taking her own set of photographs. Guess that's a good thing about having an independant travel partner, you can always do your own thing hahaha the weather seriously brought me down man. It was a pretty awesome feeling overall though, looking with my own eyes the Great Buddha that I've heard of so much. It's like another life to-do that got checked out of the list. Fantastic feeling!

Rare picture of me and my bright bright hair haha!
I was so sweaty and grumpy most of the time so I hardly took pictures of myself!

Tadaa the souvenir postcards I bought!

Since it was mid summer aka nothing spectacular in terms of views, I bought two postcards depicting the very scene in front of me during the cherry blossom season as well as mid spring season. I love this picture so much I don't know why. Maybe it's the expectations x reality aspect hahahaha but reality was not disappointing in any way. Maybe I'd learn to love the Great Buddha of Kamakura more if the weather wasn't getting in my way. I'd love to return here again in another season, ideally a much cooler season haha sorry I just can't stop talking about the weather I think some believe that summer in Japan isn't that hot because apparently summer in Korea can get pretty cool, but that's not true because summer in Japan is both hot and humid on an equal, if not higher level than Malaysia! Plus it's so hot too right now as I'm typing this! (。_。)