Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three Habits That Annoy Mom

(and potentially future life partner, if any wtf)

1. Magically Coiled Comforter
My comforter is so INCEDIBLY soft and comfortable. It is precisely because of that I like to bunch it up and hug it to sleep hahaha I'm mostly a Sideway Sleeper, so somehow or other when I get up from bed the next morning and throw my comforter aside, it's always perfect coiled up like a twister of some sort. I'd have to unroll it from the lump to make my bed properly. Sometimes when I'm in a rush I don't bother making my bed at all (shock horror shock shock horror), and this is the part where it annoys my mom even more hahahaha she said I sleep like a snake wtf I don't even know what that means. Don't judge me.

     photo wakeup.gif
2. Nobody's in the Bathroom
When I grab my towel from another bathroom, head to the other bathroom to turn on the heater and light, go into my room to prep and only come out from my room in about half hour or so. Sometimes even up to an hour haha! I blame it on social media addiction. This happens mostly at night when I go in to my room to remove makeup etc etc etc next thing I know I'm scrolling down my phone and my mom's asking me to shower now now now or at least turn off the heater and lights if I'm going to dilly dally. Lost track of time I guess .

     photo texting.gif
3. Almost-Empty Mug
Okay this one is my bad. I have this habit of drinking something (usually milk) from a mug until almost the last gulp, and keeping the mug back in the fridge with that little amount of drink left in it. It could be there until the next day and I always hear my mom complaining out loud from the kitchen, asking why did I not finish my drink entirely. Even worse, sometimes I top up the mug with a little bit more milk, take a sip and put it back in the fridge again wtf I don't know how this habit came about. Really.

     photo ninoeyes.gif
 Ok the end back to more #throwback Japan posts yeay!
*gifs credit to the awesome Internet people!

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