Sunday, August 25, 2013

24-Hour Television 36 Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu #24htv36

I've been going on and on about this year's 24-Hour Television 36 Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu all since yesterday! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

I think if I post more updates on Twitter or Instagram anymore I'd get reported as spam fml by friends with tendencies to be merciless lol thank God for blogs haha! Firstly let me just copy paste the official info on what 24-Hour TV is all about. Here goes:

"The telethon “24-Hour Television” started as a charity project in 1978 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Nippon Television Network Corporation and its affiliates. Based on the theme “Love Saves the Earth,” the aim of the charity program is to introduce existing conditions of social welfare in Japan as well as around the world, and to appeal the need for assistance towards disadvantaged people. The first campaign was successful as it gained public support largely through television viewers, and raised approximately 1.2 billion yen in donations. Consequently, the 24-Hour Television Charity Committee was established in the same year to administer funds donated by TV program viewers. The telethon has continued ever since, and has raised a total donation of 27,248,414,171 yen (as of September 2008). Although they conduct fundraising throughout the year, the highlight of the charitable activities, which is the telethon, takes place during one weekend in August every year."

Basically they travel around Japan to talk to people and personally assist those in need. This annual telethon that literally runs for 24 hours (or more!) is a huuuuuge event in Japan with an impressive record of ratings. Factoring the years since it started, peoeple of all generations are aware of it and well, you can't exactly escape them when you're out and about Japan either hahahaha look what Terri sent me just now and another a couple of days ago when she was exploring Tokyo!

This year, 24-Hour Television 36 Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu  just so happens to be on one of my working weekends fml I've been catching up on news from the official Twitter @24hourTV but that just makes me want to watch it live so much more. Especially so becaaaaause this year, Arashi has been chosen to be the main personality for the fourth year! This is the first time anyone/group has taken the huge responsibility for two consecutive years. No easy feat, imagine having to stay awake for 24 hours to host a live television-marathon! So proud of them boys!

One of the memorable moments of 24-Hour TV this year is the tee shirt designs featuring an epic collaboration between legendary designer Yayoi Kusama and Arashi's leader Ohno Satoshi! To be honest the concept takes a little getting used to but after watching the telethon, I must say I'm quite tempted to get one myself, the yellow one especially teehee.

*gif (later) and tee pics taken from the internet

As main personalities, the Arashi members also went on a journey (individually) to different parts of the countries to interview the people and talk to them about this year's theme 24-Hour Television, which is [ ニッポンって OO. この国の形] [What is Japan? The Shape of the Country] regardless of the positive or negative aspects. I've just started successfully streaming the channel last night and managed to catch Sakurai Sho's journey to a small town where people of all ages, from kids to teens to adults to senior citizens, reacted beautifully when they saw him coming. "It's the real Sakurai Sho!" "You gave me a shock!"  "Ehhh aren't you...?!" "Impossible!" Gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling. Saw on Tumblr this Korean girl who practically screamed in shock when he rolled down the car window to talk to her, because she was motivated by Arashi to take up Japanese and live in Japan. Damn these people are lucky. That should be me lol

In addition to the impromptu interviews around Japan, every year the personalities work with individuals who need support in certain parts of their lives. For example a kid who lost her mom at the March 11th disaster and wants to win a karate competition in memory of her, cases like this. I couldn't catch any at all this year but I'm sure the World Wide Web will be helpful in this aspect soon enough hehe (─‿‿─) Bring on the waterworks lol people ALWAYS cry at this segment. Also caught a little of Arashi ni Shiyagare live on air, where the boys of Kanjani8 were guests and made such a ruckus in the studio when they challenged Arashi to little matches. Always such chaos and fun when Arashi and Kanjani8 meet on variety shows! Was laughing out loud in the middle of the night at their ridiculous antics and that epic moment when Arashi won the majority of challenges so all the Kanjani8 got on their knees to beg for forgiveness hahahahaha damn stoopid ah they all!

On a yearly basis as well, the telethon features a chosen personality's journey on a charity marathon. This year's star is Ooshima Miyuki from the female comedian trio Morisanchuu! Have always enjoyed watching her on variety shows so I was totally supporting her in spirit hahaha for a person who weights 88 kilos (this number was highly publicized, I'm not that much of a stalker lol) when the news was announced, it was mad impressive that she managed to reach the goal and there were literally tears in her and the audience's eyes on her last few kilometres! Look at the pride and joy in her eyes when she finally got to the stadium! 

Too bad Matsujun just gave her a handshake instead of a great big hug considering how crazy she is about him hahahaha all in all, what an emotional telethon! There were the hilariously amusing moments, there were the heartfelt tearful moments, there were those inspirational life-changing moments and there were times where you literally feel their pain/frustration. Great television, I'd have stayed awake for all the hours if I could spare the time. Can't wait to catch the entire 24-Hours TV telethon. Amazing amazing amazing, Japan you rock! 

I speak for all when I say 嵐さん,お疲れ様でした! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kenangan Terindah Bulan Julai 2013 (Dramatik)

Should name this blog Throwback wtf everything also so two thousand and late. On another hand, better late than never right hehehe anyway, am always on Instagram lately to the point that if you ask me what I've been up to in the past weeks/months, I'll probably check Instagram for reference. So I've rounded up all my posts in July and figured I'd talk about about them.

For starters, I finally tried out that place that hipsters have been raving about - Lima Blas @ Changkat Bukit Bintang. The furniture and decorations were so eclectic and old-school quaint, I felt like an intruder in a random grandma's kampung house. They serve traditional nyonya food here and that night, if I'm not mistaken we tried the pongteh chicken, cincaluk omelette, kangkung belacan, rojak and ice kacang. I personally loved the rojak because the ingredients were fresh, crisp and the sauce was well balanced in flavour. Wouldn't mind going back for the rojak and the ambiance hahaha hipster level up! *hipster dance that nobody cares knows about └(★o★)┐

Work-wise, we've moved to another office that's a little more cramped than what I'm used to and the walls are orange. Which is bad, because the colour orange is supposed to make you hungry right!! (((( ;°Д°)))) Plus there are literally boxes of Lexus biscuits and M&Ms and Snickers bars on standby wah how la like this. But hey look at that, I've got three screens ready for me hahahaha one laptop, one screen and well the other is a tv that's never been turned on. It's been a month since we've moved so everyone's pretty much settled in. Another recent kempen sopan santun initiative was the Fuck Jar. One fuck one ringgit hahaha means if you say "fuck!" you got to pay up and on the first day we got up to RM10 already and itu pun ramai yang tak bayar sebab tak nak mengaku salah. It lasted as long as two days and after that nobody really layan anymore hahahaha because it's a habit we can't get rid off and we were going bankrupt. End of the month ok!

As usual, there are sure to be food posts hahaha Boost/Juiceworks drinks are so yummy! It was after a work event one Saturday that I decided to treat myself to some yummy juice drink and Japanese food at Kikuya, Bandar Sungai Long. I love Kikuya because it's so affordable (no tax!) and everything seems to be made on the spot. Simple, straight-to-the-point Japanese food. The agedashi tofu was real good. Ooh and check out the little kitty coffee art by Coffee Societe! Another pig out session was when my relatives came for a visit from Australia so we went to Vogue Cafe, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur for a buffet dinner to celebrate my dear cousin's birthday. The mains were nothing to shout about but the desserts spread were simply glorious. So beautifully decorated it felt like Christmas!

Speaking of visiting cousins, of course my brother and I took them around town. We went to lots of food places like Fat Spoon and Crayon Burger and played board games at Meeples. It was surprisingly fun though, the boardgames, there were so many to choose from and the staff taught us how to play them. The little brown jar there? My cousin personally MADE it as a gift for me, and it's labelled as Butterbeer! Awesome or awesome, I love anything Harry Potter. Another personal gift I also got last month was the personalized Samurai Miao drawing by AkiraCEO when he was in town, pretty darn cool to watch it drawn live hehe super lucky!

Wow now that all's said and done, I'm pretty sure I was out and about for quite a bit! Am surprised really! I mean there are quite a few #throwback posts especially involving Japan (you can tell how badly I miss Japan right) but not bad, quite happening also my life hahaha like a normal person sort of happening, not the alcohol club rave rock n roll sort of happening. I'm surprised because if you were to ask me how's 2013 going I'd say nothing much compared to the mindblowingly epic year that was 2012. Maybe I just haven't been appreciative lately but looking back at the past month, that's not bad at all. I suppose I was too caught up with things and didn't bother taking a step back to look at every little spark in a more positive perspective. Gomennasai m(._.)m 

Let's make this year's Wrap Up Post even more epic okay!

 photo drinkup.gif 

Cheers to that!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

☆°・* Cosmo Clock 21 at Minato Mirai, Yokohama *・°☆

After all that calm and quiet of Kamakura, just as the sun mellows we took a train to Yokohama. I know I know, Kamakura and Yokohama in one day, madness. We were so tired after all the weather and walking, but I insisted on going to Yokohama because the next few days will be packed with other agenda and I HAD TO GO TO YOKOHAMA EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. So we took a train over.

 Realized we don't actually have a comprehensive map of Yokohama and I didn't bring my notes either. Yes I had notes, pages and pages of notes collected throughout the year to prepare for this entire trip. Not one second of my being in Japan should be wasted ok *shakes fists. Kidding, I'm not that obsessive. OR AM I. Ok being lame ends here. |・ω・`) We had no idea where to go (actually there's only that one thing I'm here in Yokohama for) so we actually sat down on a bench outside the train station for a good fifteen minutes to take a breather and gather our thoughts. Even contemplated going back to Tokyo (not me) but then our tummies told us that it's time for some fooooood. Took a while to find a place that looks like it had food, for some reason it was so quiet in Yokohama there were barely anybody around even as we walked on further. So strange! We managed to find a mall and head straight to the food court (budget trip budget trip!) and I was quite relieved to see some human beings there.

I had this plain mentaiko udon with egg that was not that great for not that cheap a price.

After dinner it was time for some epic drama hahahaha we were browsing for some souvenirs (not that I'd actually get any) and suddenly YK realised that HER PURSE IS MISSING. Cue maximum panic mode. Thinking about it, that was real hilarious but at that time, she was serious shit scared and literally ran back to the food court to look for it but the table we sat at was all cleared out. Panic mode level up. Luckily there was this system where the food trays were collected and returned to a little window station so I asked the dude collecting the trays if he saw a purse (damn proud of myself please I think I spoke to him mostly in Japanese if not all) and THANK GOODNESS HE DID SEE IT!

He totally saw it and passed it on to the Lost & Found counter upstairs. At this point YK's blood pressure probably went down a whole lot and we quickly went upstairs to collect the purse yeay yeay yeay! All these drama in less than ten minutes wah damn efficient lah these people we were super grateful they were so honest how to not love Japan you tell me (✿ ♥‿♥) YK even took a video after the incident it was so funny but well I don't know what happened to all those pictures/videos now lol and yes she did bought the souvenirs even after all that! Moving on, it was about time for the real deal and I was already feeling a nervous sort of excitement haha it wasn't that difficult to find really so we walked toward that direction and strangely, it was still so quiet around town there was barely anybody we can get directions from. Tadaa it wasn't long before we got to the Yokohama's Cosmo World theme park!

Quite a small theme park really. Look, so quiet also.

Wanted so badly to check out this Ice World. Summer heat is no joke! 


 photo teeheee.gif

The Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris Wheel 。◕‿◕。

I literally had goosebumps, and confession - teared up a little. Come on, I've been going on and on and on so many times about my insane obsession for this Cosmo Clock 21 ferris wheel in Yokohama. If you've read this blog long enough you'd know just how much I absolutely love ferris wheels especially this particular one. Been dreaming of this day for years and now, could hardly believe that it's right in front of my eyes. It was breathtakingly beautiful. As I watch it spin, everything around me faded and I was absorbed into this quiet little world where every breath taken was just to watch the lights change. Sounds ridiculous yes but really, I could stare at it forever. It was so magical for me I really don't know how else to express this overwhelming feeling. That night, a dream came true for me and that itself, is something I'll always hold on to. ♡♡♡ Here are moar pictures of the beautiful ferris wheel! 

The lights were so mesmerizing. We spent a couple hours just looking, and taking pictures and looking somemore and even tried to go on it but unfortunately it was already closed off to visitors by the time we got there. I didn't feel too badly about that deep down, to be honest. I guess somehow I just knew that the timing wasn't right and there would definitely be another opportunity to go on it in the future. I hope that gut feeling wasn't wrong wtf 

Sharing one of my favourite songs because it suits the mood just beautifully. Enjoy.