Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kenangan Terindah Bulan Julai 2013 (Dramatik)

Should name this blog Throwback wtf everything also so two thousand and late. On another hand, better late than never right hehehe anyway, am always on Instagram lately to the point that if you ask me what I've been up to in the past weeks/months, I'll probably check Instagram for reference. So I've rounded up all my posts in July and figured I'd talk about about them.

For starters, I finally tried out that place that hipsters have been raving about - Lima Blas @ Changkat Bukit Bintang. The furniture and decorations were so eclectic and old-school quaint, I felt like an intruder in a random grandma's kampung house. They serve traditional nyonya food here and that night, if I'm not mistaken we tried the pongteh chicken, cincaluk omelette, kangkung belacan, rojak and ice kacang. I personally loved the rojak because the ingredients were fresh, crisp and the sauce was well balanced in flavour. Wouldn't mind going back for the rojak and the ambiance hahaha hipster level up! *hipster dance that nobody cares knows about └(★o★)┐

Work-wise, we've moved to another office that's a little more cramped than what I'm used to and the walls are orange. Which is bad, because the colour orange is supposed to make you hungry right!! (((( ;°Д°)))) Plus there are literally boxes of Lexus biscuits and M&Ms and Snickers bars on standby wah how la like this. But hey look at that, I've got three screens ready for me hahahaha one laptop, one screen and well the other is a tv that's never been turned on. It's been a month since we've moved so everyone's pretty much settled in. Another recent kempen sopan santun initiative was the Fuck Jar. One fuck one ringgit hahaha means if you say "fuck!" you got to pay up and on the first day we got up to RM10 already and itu pun ramai yang tak bayar sebab tak nak mengaku salah. It lasted as long as two days and after that nobody really layan anymore hahahaha because it's a habit we can't get rid off and we were going bankrupt. End of the month ok!

As usual, there are sure to be food posts hahaha Boost/Juiceworks drinks are so yummy! It was after a work event one Saturday that I decided to treat myself to some yummy juice drink and Japanese food at Kikuya, Bandar Sungai Long. I love Kikuya because it's so affordable (no tax!) and everything seems to be made on the spot. Simple, straight-to-the-point Japanese food. The agedashi tofu was real good. Ooh and check out the little kitty coffee art by Coffee Societe! Another pig out session was when my relatives came for a visit from Australia so we went to Vogue Cafe, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur for a buffet dinner to celebrate my dear cousin's birthday. The mains were nothing to shout about but the desserts spread were simply glorious. So beautifully decorated it felt like Christmas!

Speaking of visiting cousins, of course my brother and I took them around town. We went to lots of food places like Fat Spoon and Crayon Burger and played board games at Meeples. It was surprisingly fun though, the boardgames, there were so many to choose from and the staff taught us how to play them. The little brown jar there? My cousin personally MADE it as a gift for me, and it's labelled as Butterbeer! Awesome or awesome, I love anything Harry Potter. Another personal gift I also got last month was the personalized Samurai Miao drawing by AkiraCEO when he was in town, pretty darn cool to watch it drawn live hehe super lucky!

Wow now that all's said and done, I'm pretty sure I was out and about for quite a bit! Am surprised really! I mean there are quite a few #throwback posts especially involving Japan (you can tell how badly I miss Japan right) but not bad, quite happening also my life hahaha like a normal person sort of happening, not the alcohol club rave rock n roll sort of happening. I'm surprised because if you were to ask me how's 2013 going I'd say nothing much compared to the mindblowingly epic year that was 2012. Maybe I just haven't been appreciative lately but looking back at the past month, that's not bad at all. I suppose I was too caught up with things and didn't bother taking a step back to look at every little spark in a more positive perspective. Gomennasai m(._.)m 

Let's make this year's Wrap Up Post even more epic okay!

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Cheers to that!


  1. A'ah hahahah Anne yang start! Kempen sopan santun! :P