Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bloody Mary

Have always loved the colour red. Got a few red lippies in the past but well, always thought I looked kind of drag with red red red lips fml so chucked them in the bin after giving them one too many chances that didn't quite work out. "Ah fuck my life there's no hope", I thought but got stubborn and bought another super red lippie not too long ago lol CANNOT RESIST LEH. Suprisingly, it didn't look that bad when I gave it a shot recently! Either I've aged considerably to suit the look or err what other explanation is there?

Using NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary.

Those dark circles are no joke. You can imagine how bad it is if it's this apparent even after LAYERS of coverage. On another note, went for a round of hair makeover session at 76Style/Number76 after months and months of neglect. There's simply no time to make an appointment in advance! Or when there actually is time there's no money wtf what else is new right. Anyways I decided to go down a few shades darker for a more natural look and Hama-san suggested to leave a few strands untouched for a subtle highlight effect. Also got a complimentary ultrasonic treatment (birthday month!) and I opted for the tansan scalp treament as well just because. Got my overgrown fringe trimmed as well, ahhh relieved. 

Honestly I've tried the tansan a long before but while it was certainly refreshing, didn't thought much of it after because there were no significant effect. Thinking back, that must have been a momentary lapse in judgement because this time, I FRIGGIN' LOVED IT °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  First of all it feels absolutely great especially on a hot day hahaha but after that, even until today (a week after) I can feel the difference. Okay my hair has always been fine and limp since that fateful teenage days where I bleached my entire head and dyed it silver grey. It has never been the same since then but no regrets. What I do now to counter this problem is to pull my hair up into a bun in the morning (no washing) and let it go when I reach my destination so it gets fluffed up. Most of the time though it all ends up limp, flat and stringy by the afternoon and it makes me feel shitty because I can't wait to get it showered. Crazy huh, for hair to affect a person's mood but it really does that! #shallow 

The past week has been great though (in terms of hair condition, not so great in other things wtf) because my hair stays moderately volumnious until the end of the day if not longer. The picture above was taken at 1AM after a long day of work, meetings, dinner, coffee and more than an hour stuck in traffic because of contruction works at the Cheras-Kajang highway fml IT WAS PAST MIDNIGHT JAM WHAT JAM. Behold, hair still fabulous. Also it's been much easier washing my hair. Usually when I gather my hair to one side and squeeze it dry before putting on conditioner, it literally clumps in tangles and I'd have to work through them with the conditioner. It's all smooth now though so cut down on time spent in shower. Was it the tansan scalp treament? Was it the ultrasonic treatment? I don't know which did the job but I'm loving it!

Mind, this bimbotic post is not a paid review lol imma start this Shit That Works tag because been reading too many beauty/skincare/others reviews online that are so painfully biased (makes you wonder, but not really) and ridiculously positive in every review I don't know who to trust anymore. At least word it more neutral please you can't ask people to buy when you've only tried it for that one time. That said, yours truly is a total sucker for all the clever words you see on packagings lol brilliant copywriting wins my money. More reasons to be push myself to do proper research beforehand. Honest reviews are important okay I need to make sure what little money I have in hand are well spent on shit that actually works
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