Thursday, September 26, 2013


No, this is not a zombies-coming-to-attack-us-run-for-your-lives post. This is a lifestyle-changing post. You see, I am a couch potato. Forget going to the theatres. The impossible parking, the ridiculous lines, the stupid red sold out sign, the soaring prices - it used to be way less than RM10 on a weekend ok! -  and the annoying parking lot traffic just to leave the mall, especially for late night movies.

Television is my ultimate guilty pleasure. On my off days, I'd literally lay on the couch in my pyjamas ALL DAY just going through the television catching up my favourite series, reality show marathons, infotainment clips, movie reruns and if I'm feeling a little adventurous, pay a little extra to catch a blockbuster movie on the tele. Nothing feels more luxurious than doing what you love at your own free time. Ah the delightful conveniences of modern technology. At least, that's what I thought until I was introduced to the ESCAPE.

Now imagine all these and SO MUCH MORE.

An endless movie library. 
In your palms, in your pocket. 
No matter where you are. 

All accessible with just a laptop, a tablet or even a simple smartphone that everyone can afford to have these days. iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows, ESCAPE does not discriminate because high-resolution images are delivered for top notch video quality irregardless of devices. Speaking of affordable, only from 80 cents an hour for more than 500 movies/series/news/concerts/dramas/anything that you'd ever want to watch. That's less than RM2 to catch a movie. How insane! 

Who needs to leave their beds now just to catch a television show when you've got ESCAPE as your personal entertainment space that follows you anytime, anywhere. My OWN personal world of entertainment that I get to ESCAPE into to catch all the irresistable moments, unmissable events. Now the word everyone absolutely loves more than anything else - free! Download the app for free on your mobile and never miss anything ever again because there's that awesome pause/play button that let's you go get up to make a quick yummy breakfast and come back to bed for more incredible entertainment. I AM SOLD! The world needs to know about this and I am telling you, world, what are you waiting for! Time to take that one small step for you, one mega huge step into a world of endless genre collections!

Now excuse me while I enjoy some good old Scrubs. 
I can't believe ESCAPE stocks this classic here!

Head on over to to start your own journey! #WAITWHAT

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