Monday, September 16, 2013

Role Reversal

Was lounging on the couch yesterday afternoon when mom asked,

"what are you having for dinner?"

"I don't know, what are YOU cooking?"

"Not cooking. Your dad and I are going to the pool tonight, neighbour's son birthday party"

 photo oO.gif


"You kautim your own dinner ok your brother also not coming back"

"Wait, how come I'm not invited?"

"It's a double invite only. You also don't know them"

"Sigh ok"

Then they went out in the evening.

Past midnight, I was still home alone. Still lounging on the couch wtf.

At least my brother was already home.

"Bratster, where are your parents?"

"Stoopid, I don't know I just got home. Where are YOUR parents?"

"How I know, YOU tell me la"

*calls mom's cellphone *hears phone rings in her room

*calls dad's cellphone *hears phone rings in his room

 photo didntdoit.gif

Ok apparently nobody brought their phones out, just great. 

Past 1am, I was borderline worried.

These people rarely go out at night much less stay out till late.

*put on thug sweater and goes out to see what's going on

As I head towards the pool I hear chatter and laughter.

Climbed up the stairs to see my mom going all:

 photo hie.gif

Sitting with a bunch of other old people around a table stacked with cans of beer.

"Er what are you guys doing, don't want come home ah?"

"Aiyah still so early. You go home first lah we come back later"

Mom's friend: "Wah your daughter ah? Come, come join us"

"Haha s'okay lah auntie I'm watching tv at home"

Mom's friend: "...."

"Ok don't come back so late bye"

Conclusion : My parents have more of a social life than I do.

 photo hide.gif

*goes back to lounging on the couch and lurking on Tumblr

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