Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tsukiji Fail + The Emperor's Crib

Woke up the next day to a beautiful morning. 

Which isn't right because we're supposed to be up before the sun rises!

Tsukiji Market Authentic Experience failed. Boo sleepyheads. (∪。∪)zzz  

Head over there anyways. Hungrehs. 

Rules and regulations.

Don't know where to find good food. Barely any queues. 

See menu see price. Chose random store. NO REGRETS.

Best meal in my life. Fuck yeah sea urchin!

I'd happily pay RM60-80 for this bowl of gastronomical heaven again.

Tummy too full. Nothing much to see at the Tsukiji Market. 

It was already past noon, you see.  Let's have a change of environment.

Ginza Street! #feelingatas

 The iconic Ginza Hattori Building.

The also iconic [XXI at GINZA by FOREVER21] hahahaha


I remembered watching the news of its opening earling in March. 

PingWey and I wanted to go so bad but there simply wasn't time. This is for you PingWey. 

Hahahaha. Yeah, totally shopped there. Summer colours so awesome. 

Time to chill out a bit after having the walk of our life to get to Imperial Palace

Tulah nak saving saving tiket keretapi lagi. Sesat sokmo jalan sampai kaki patah. 

Tokyo can be so magical at times. Busy and bustling on one side. 

Take a few steps more, suddenly it's all quiet and serene. Love it. 


Lazed around the Imperial Palace Park. 

Watched a group of moms on a picnic with their cute little kids. 

Lay on the green grass for a quick nap. Ahh good life good life. 

ICE CREAM WHEE (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

I got one all for myself. It was so fucking good. 

Calory count 972358351 but who cares. Summer, this is all your fault.

Kusunoki Masashige.

Googled "Tokyo Imperial Palace Samurai Statue" hahaha 

Meganebashi. Stone bridge connecting to the inner palace. 

Tutup kedai. Only open on 2nd Jan and 23rd Dec apparently. 

More bridges? Half the time I didn't know what I was looking at.

But hey, beauty is beauty there's no escaping that. 

Pop of colours. Fresh flowers are the best! 

Kokyo Gaien. I love the below pictures.

Perfect balance of nature and the modern world. 

An oasis of lush greens amongst the ambitious skyscrapers.

What a tiring (from all the walking) yet relaxing (just going at our own pace)

 but beautiful day of exploring central Tokyo. Japan how can you kidnap my heart like this.  

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