Monday, October 7, 2013

Can't wait for Octoberfest Malaysia with GAB!

Didn't you hear? I am terribly fond of the Germans.

I've got German family members in Koblenz and then there's that legendary annual Octoberfest celebration that has its German origins but thankfully, celebrated all throughout the world even in good ol' Malaysia! Now that September is all dead and gone, let's cheerfully welcome the new month of October with endless gaiety and fun fun fun. Especially so when the folks from Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) are celebrating together with the launch of a special edition one litre ceramic Octoberfest Mug just for those discerning beer drinkers who enjoy GAB's iconic brews . Cheers to that. Bring forth all the Paulaner!  (#´ー´)旦

It's amazing that Octoberfest started off as a simple wedding celebration back in 1810 has now evolved into a global celebration  bringing together no less than 7 million visitors consuming over 7 million litres of quality beer. We're all so familiar with award-winning beers like Tiger, Guinness and Heineken but did you know that from the beer powerhouse that is GAB, there is also that celebrated official Paulaner Octoberfest bier that is EXCLUSIVELY available only this season. Why the exclusivity? Well all Octoberfest beers can ONLY be brewed within the city limits of Munich, Germany and must conform to the strict Bavarian Purity Law that limits ingredients used in beer productions in Germany. Definitely keeps you wanting more!

Even the Paulaner that was first brewed by monks from the Paulaner monastery (oooh) in 1634 is still considered the youngest of all Octoberfest Beers - at 380 years old! In fact, Paulaner Octoberfest Bier is a lager, NOT a wheat beer, and is actually a tad stronger than the others. Now there's your fun fact of the day hahahaha! To make it all so much better for us, Octoberfest Malaysia has lots on store - series of themed parties, contests, promotions and many more exciting activities set to make it a celebration to remember!

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I know right, exciting stuff there. Wait until you hear this - at all those events mentions above, you stand the chance to bring home the special edition Octoberfest Mug with a limited edition metal lid. Drop by early because you definitely want to be an early bird for this one here! Long live Paulaner! Long live Octoberfest Malaysia! #WAITWHAT #MACAMYES #MEMANGYES #TUNGGUAPALAGI

Need more information on what's going downnnnnnnn at the Octoberfest Malaysia 2013? No place better to check out than their Facebook page here - . Go for it. Don't miss out on the most happening celebration in the coming month. Don't say I didn't tell you either about all the good stuff! Remember to drink sensibly too because GAB says so! 

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