Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The first day back in Kuantan was certainly very productive! Thinking back, I don't think my vocabulary is extensive enough to describe that feeling of being home, the familiarity of everything and the great great great friends that I spent the day with. Even after twenty years of living in Kuantan there are still new discoveries to be made, which makes the entire experience even more memorable. From now on, if I ever visit Pantai Pelindung again I'll always think of that beautiful evening spent with Faraha, Terri, Aqid, Alwan and Hazmi. I love it more because they're such great friends that they actually layan my ridiculous whims like waking up to for brunch at Hoi Yin, rescheduling responsibilities to stay out a little longer, cracking heads to suggest where to go yumcha next and letting me buy a bottle of bubbles to bring to the beach. Who needs anything else when you've got friends like these ♥

Continuing from my previous post, we left the beach after our late dinner and on the way back to Faraha's car, it starting pouring real heavy that by the time we reached the car, we were soaking wet. It was really hilarious, because the rain just got heavier and heavier the nearer we are to the car! So ridiculous hahahaha and we were going all "omg no no omg kasut omg are we there yet"  all the way while trying desperately to shield ourselves from the rain. Got back safely to Faraha's aunt's home nearby and after a hot shower we went straight to bed to wake up early for a beautiful morning by the beach. 

The weather was in tip top condition the next morning. We got dressed as comfortable as possible with hardly any makeup (sunblock perlu okay!) and went straight to the Tanjung Api jetty for some quick nasi minyak (my first time there. SO DELICIOUS.) breakfast before heading to Teluk Chempedak with our mat, pillows, umbrella, books and more importantly, fab sunglasses. Couldn't resist taking a longer walk to Burger King for some ice cream and juice to get us through the morning. Oh and a bottle of liquid soap to feed the wind with some prismatic bubbles! The morning breeze was was simply delicious as we walked all the way to Teluk Tongkang for a little more peace and quiet. Set up our space near the rocks beneath some shades and behold, this is the magnificient view that greeted us. 

We enjoyed our desserts and laid back to read while the melodic waves play their music. Brought a familiar book along with me on this trip because I didn't really want to deal with getting acquainted to a new book. Wanted to read a book that I know by heart and I know I love. That made that morning even more perfect. My attention span was rather short though and before I know it I was blowing bubbles to the wind and exploring the rocks nearby. I love playing near the rocks by the beach. Makes everything so much more interesting what with the little nooks and crannies in between them. You'll never know what you might just find snuggled in a shallow puddle underneath the huge rocks! Luckily for me, Teluk Tongkang has got all of that prepared for me.

I loved it so much that I went back to the rocks again for a second round of exploring and chasing the little crabs that lived buried in the sands under my feet. You know I've never had a good relationship with the sun but on that day, nothing matters. Soaked up all the sun and it felt so fucking good. At one point all I did was sat on a rock kicking my feet at the warm puddle of water pooled around the rock. Never have I felt such intense pleasure just by doing nothing in particular. My skin was turning red from all the baking so I had to go back to our spot (Faraha was borderline napping at the point) to apply some sunblock and this time, I know I should bring my bottle of liquid bubble with me back to the rocks. Off you go little bubbles, have all the fun and frolic by the beachside that I love so much!


That little rainbow umbrella is exactly where we parked ourselves that morning. 

Alas, all good things have to come to an end. Soon it was getting warmer and the sun was growing fierce. It was time to leave our little temporary sanctuary and go grab some lunch please hahahaha we packed our bags, said goodbye to the beautiful beach and had a hard time deciding where to go for lunch! But let's stop and savour the last few minutes by the beach! 

Was feeling a little fancy so we headed to Crocodile Rock but sadly it was closed. Decided to go for Sherwood instead - it was my first time there actually hahaha have always thought that I could never afford Sherwood but turns out it wasn't that expensive nor as fancy as I thought after all. Either that, or my buying power have leveled up since high school days. Fuck yeah we had a FEAST, enough to comfortably feed another village or two. We had mushroom soup, chicken wings, seafood risotto and huge sausages with the MOST DELICIOUS ROSTI ON EARTH. So mad yummy our brains exploded with potato overload. Got so full but just couldn't stop nibbling on the potato rosti while saying "Beh sure will like this, Beh sure like!"  Sherwood was also rather generous with the mussels, clams, squid and prawns for the risotto. We really couldn't finish everything sigh. Another third person there would be perfect to finish up this meal! 

As if we're not stuffed enough, Faraha's family invited us over for homemade desserts urgh how could I possibly resist. Malay desserts are my weaknesses hahahaha plus everyone in the family are so warm and welcoming, it felt real nice. Her grandmother made some real legit puding buih (a specialty from Pekan!) and those caramel puddings too, oh yums. We were so tamak hahaha that was a real ketamakan trip with my ketamakan buddy. Faraha, we're so bad for each other. Hell, that was a fantastic trip back home though. Everything was perfect. The friends, the family, the fun times, the quiet times, the rain, the sun, the beach, the food, every single thing was perfect. 

Thank you thank you thank you ♥

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