Sunday, October 20, 2013


Ahh I don't feel motivated to be here at all but I really got to do this! #determined

Two weekends ago I took a short trip back to sweet ol' Kuantan with Faraha. The last trip back was during the General Elections, quite a while back ago that's for sure! This time though, there was no particular reason to go home. We desperately needed a quick getaway from the bustling city life to a quiet place where we can enjoy the sea breeze with no strings attached. Kuantan was that light at the end of the tunnel for the both of us.

It's quite funny really. Faraha didn't exactly grew up there throughout the years but she has tons of family members living in Kuantan, while I grew up there for more than twenty years and didn't have a single soul there to call family. At least, not blood-related ones. When I announced my return to dear homeland in the Kuantan Gang whatsapp group everybody said they won't be in town wtf company trips, marathons and whatnots wtf damn potong stim please. Nobody was even sympathetic celaka betul, luckily Terri's in town!

Slept over Faraha's place in Ampang on a Friday night and we took off early next morning. Not before dropping by McDonalds to try the new Brekkie Wrap and it was SO DAMN GOOD. Delicious chicken sausage with soft scrambled egg and warm melted cheese that oozes off the tortilla wrap when you take a bite. So incredibly yummy we were all oooh aaahs with every bite hahaha I'm also proud that I didn't fell asleep throughout the journey back home and as soon as we arrived, we headed straight for Hoi Yin though it was already near noon. Thank goodness it was business as usual and we had our curry noodles at the back area with Terri and Aqid. How nostalgic, it was real nice to be back again. Best of all, the owner auntie remembered me and my orders yeay!

Didn't know what to do with ourselves after the long lunch so we jumped into Terri's car and took a short drive to the beach. Like, literally a twenty seconds (YES, SECONDS) drive simply because we were too lazy to walk the weather was too hot. As Faraha and I enjoyed the breeze and the sights, Terri and Aqid were saying that it's been a while since they came to the beach in the daytime hahahaha which is perfectly normal la. In all my twenty years in Kuantan, we rarely go to the beach during the day but nowadays when I tell people that they think it's weird hahahaha now that I'm living in KL though, I'll take the beach any time of the day, no arguments. Teluk Chempedak is beautiful! Felt so incredibly good to be home again!

After taking a walk to the other side, uploading some pictures on Instagram haha and hanging around a bit, we decided to head back home to freshen up, rest a little before a little picnic later in the afternoon. Then, it started to rain, just as we're going around town buying food for the picnic! Sigh, only in Kuantan do you get to go to several difference places to run errands and buy food in less than half hour. Even manage to squeeze in a quick cendol break at Mustafa Cendol. The other picture was taken at the usual teatime haunt - a stall next to the police station at Kampung Peramu selling lotsa yums like sata, otak-otak, keropok, fried prawns, fried calamari rings and many more Malay snacks! We stopped by to pack some food for the picnic!

Anyways, Faraha was going to take us to this Pantai Pelindung beach near Beserah that nobody else knew about. Never even heard of this beach before! It was raining though and after a while the rain slowed down to a drizzle, so we decided to go for it anyways.

It was so quiet at this beach, just the sounds of waves and us making noises taking silly pictures. Thanks Aqid for bringing your camera for our shoot hahaha real nice. When it started getting dark we had no idea where to go next and we made the Amiruls pitch us new places to hang. They came up with Kula Cakes. Hipster enough, let's go! We followed the boys and they brought us to the big road leading to the old bus station (there, that T'jantek road) and behold, in a small corner with only a few rustic tables and chairs, Kula Cakes by Lila Wadi.

We shared a mango cheesecake, red velvet cake and the selasih pandan drinks.

The drinks were perfectly refreshing - must try! The mango cheesecakes are actually lined with fresh mango slices and the red velvet cream cheese packs a punch, not too bad at all. As we sat just outside at the entrance and chatted, more and more people started streaming in to purchase cakes. Figured it must be our irresistable hipster cool vibes that are drawing the crowd in, trendsetters kan hahahaha thinking back, it was only so quiet when we got there because it was friggin' dinner time and who gets cakes for dinner anyways. Speaking of dinner, we continued our ketamakan streak and went for the kill at Teluk Chempedak. There's this new place by the beach that sells chicken chop fish n chips and such from RM5 onwards (!!!) so we HAD to try it out just to see what's the hype's all about. There were so many people though so we had to really line up, but it was actually pretty alright. Great portions, decent taste and quick service. It rained, we talked a lot, made Aqid blush hehe and went back to Faraha's aunt's place for a great night's sleep. Ok that's it. Next chapter next!


  1. I don't live in Ampang! It's Setiwangsa but selama ni I couldnt be bothered to correct you. Heheh.
    And beef sausage ok! Defensive sbb sedap I take ownership of it. Damn I want it now.

  2. Omfg isn't it the same! Ampang = Setiawanga?! FML