Friday, October 25, 2013

On my way to Bali with Travelar!

There are only two places on earth that I am forever wanting to be at - Japan (of course) and the beach.

I am particularly fond of anywhere with a beach, really. In fact, despite my hate-hate relationship with the great big sun, the ONLY time when I don't mind soaking up the sunbeam is when my toes are happily wriggling in the warm sands by the beach. Absolutely love beaches so much that I could literally stay by the sea side from morning till the night. Sleepovers by the beach sounds really lovely, no?

On nights like this after a long day at work in the concrete jungle that is Kuala Lumpur, I like to take some time off reality to suft the many travel sites for vacation and getaway deals. Dream a little, you know. Stumbled upon this site one fine day - - by recommendation of Nuffnang. This site offers some of the best holiday deals around, no joke. I really like how the original prices are displayed so everyone knows exactly how massive the deals are. Look at this, a four-star luxury private villa for just RM334 a night, original rates are priced at RM912. That's nearly a third of the original price and a whole lot of savings that can go right into the cocktails-by-the-beach fund. Sounds about right to me.

and then there's this. Surfing around Travelar with more than eight tabs open simultaneously (multitasking at its best!) I found out about this little paradise called the Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is a beautiful seaside village located south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. C'mon, when you bring up Bali, there's no escaping their legendary beaches that draw tourists from all over the world. Nevermind that, just LOOK at the breathtaking images below and tell me how can you NOT want to impulsively head over to the airport right this moment and purchase a one-way ticket straight to Denpasar International Airport?

Pictures credits to here

Wipe that drool off. Don't you wish you have a personal Pintu Suka Hati at your disposal at this moment? I suppose IS the closest thing to a Pintu Suka Hati in this modern world. After doing a bit of intensive research on quick holiday getaways to Kuta Beach, there's one place that I'd totally wouldn't mind staying over. That is the Grand Mega Resort and Spa, a four-star boutique hotel across the road from one of Bali's largest shopping malls, the Mal Bali Galleria. Ahem ahem. Shopping mall. Ahem.


I'm all tingling with anticipation now. Desperately want to go to Bali with Travelar because I am absolutely sure that it will be the ultimate dream-getaway-comes-true. Who needs Eat, Pray, Love when you've got Sun, Sea, Spa (among many attractions) at your disposal in Bali. I've got my bags packed, my sunscreen well stocked, my DiGi roaming plan all set, and my worries shelved.

Take me there already why don't you?(^_-)★


  1. Wah Sue Anne, u pun nak pergi Bali. Saya kena pilih Yangon la macam tuh..hehehe..

    Nak join jugak la contest nih.. Dapat voucher Rm200 local hotel pom ok dah. Anne Cheah tak join jugak ker?

  2. Amir! Yangon first price ok, lagi best tu! Anne Cheah tak mau hahahaha

    Audrey! Fingers crossed! :D