Friday, November 22, 2013

☆ Final Day at Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum ☆

We've finally got to this point. My last day in Japan for the Summer holiday trip back in July 2012. (⊙︿⊙)


RIGHT RIGHT. I KNOW RIGHT. THIS IS MAGICAL. Okay enough capslock. No I'm not bipolar. 

If you don't know Ghibli I will unfriend you. Ghibli is a magical world of magical creatures that is magical.

Throughout the planning process, this was the one thing that I will never forgive myself if I missed it. Worse still, there are no official ways to purchase admission tickets so we had to seek Lady Luck's assistance to make sure they're still available when we touchdown Japan. 

According to the website,

Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation. You can get reservation tickets at designated local travel agency counters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, North America, Europe and Australia.

None, none for Malaysians. We could only purchase them via the Lawson convenience stores in Japan. Fear not, for Lawson could easily be found anywhere and everywhere. There's a special machine for purchasing and you must read this (CLICK IT) through carefully on the specific instructions because the machine's all in Japanese. Admission fee for adults are ¥1000 (about RM38 at that time) and there are only four entrance slots in a day - 10AM, 12PM, 2PM and 4PM. So your itinerary must be precise before you decide to purchase okay! We went for the 4PM slot. Living dangerously and all eh.

So after the quick walkabout around Ameyoko and Asakusa, we headed straight to Mitaka. Mitaka's still within Tokyo, but it was more of a suburb so after a 20-30 minutes train ride we arrived at the quiet Mitaka Station. TO SEE THE LAST SHUTTLE BUS TO GHIBLI MUSEUM DRIVE OFF. Trust me we made quite a spectacle, running madly towards the bus just as the doors were closing but it has already started off as soon as we arrived at the bus stop. There were no choice but to walk. A twenty minutes walk to make it in time for the final entrance slot at 4PM. We practically speedwalked all the way. It was quite nice though, a nice change of environment from the bustling Tokyo city plus there were Ghibli Museum signs throughout the way so there are hardly any chance you'll get lost. If I can make it, I'm pretty sure anyone else can hahahaha!

The iconic Totoro ticket stand.

Unfortunately, no photography is allowed inside the Ghibli Museum. To be clear though, it wasn't so much as museum than it was a mansion. After all, Hayao Miyazaki designed the entire place and true to his style, there weren't any particular flow to the museum. Everything were seemingly displayed at every corner and at some point it felt like we were intruding upon his mansion especially messy rooms that were recreated to seem as if he just left his chair. It was magical. (✿´‿`)❤

Here are little bits of Ghibli Museum on the outside. 

Every corner, every turn seemed to hint at the genius of Ghibli Studio. No effort was spared into the little details around the entire museum. It was almost as if we've entered the Ghibli world and if it wasn't for the time restraint I would've liked to stay there to slowly explore all day long. Luckily though, we made it in time to catch the short animated film that was entirely in Japanese without any subtitles haha! Of course, the characters and storyline were expressive and simple enough for all to understand. You know, they rotate the short films around so that it's different everytime you visit. The one we saw was 星をかった日, The Day I Harvested A Star. There are no where else in the world that you can personally watch this save for the Saturn Theatre at this Ghibli Museum. It was incredible, my heart did little flutters throughout this entire experience and I could almost be in tears with happiness. This is why I have so much feels for dear Japan, because my dreams turn into reality here.

We stayed till the evening and chose to walk back to Mitaka Station. It was a leisurely, quiet walk as the weather cools down. We noticed the little things about people's homes, the cafes we passed by and the small handful of residents we saw going about their daily lives. Wish we had time to hang around the Inokashira Park by the museum though. But it was time to leave Tokyo to go back home. This visit to Ghibli Museum was the perfect wrap up to the entire whirlwind Summer holiday Tokyo 2012 trip. It was wonderful wonderful wonderful. (✿◠‿◠)

Managed to snap a picture with the road sign hehe

Look at the little ladybug there so cute ❤


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