Sunday, November 17, 2013

Read - The Other Boleyn Girl

Just finished with a book and I'm all exhausted.

It's been too long since I committed to a new book. Uh huh, committed. In recent times I've always picked up old favourites to reread for leisure...but last Friday on a whim I took up a new book and got hooked big time. There are tons of unread books in my shelves, mostly from the past two Big Bad Wolf sales and I can't wait to dive into all the wonderful realms of storybooks. Time and situation hardly permits this luxury though, which is why it came as a surprise, even to myself, when I ventured to start out this thick new book:

 The Other Boleyn Girl.

Took my two days and several late nights to finish it up. A new book is a commitment I tell you. Once you start reading, there's no looking at anything else. I paid no heed to my favourite series on television and even made a decision to skip VS ARASHI airing earlier this afternoon on 8TV. JUST TO FINISH THIS BOOK. Level of commitment is no joke. 

Written by Philippa Gregory, this book is gripping, from the first page all the way to the last. The pace was consistent and the language easy to read yet descriptive enough to paint imaginary mind visuals. There are no lacking in excitement or thrills I can assure you. I've also watched the movie halfway through reading and it barely covered 20% of the book's content. Good read. 

Can't stand the weathered front cover though. All my books are in excellent condittion, with most carefully plastic-wrapped but this copy was the best of the worse-looking ones at the sale last year. Plus, I'm not fond of book covers that use images from its movie. For RM9 though, it's a steal. If I can find nicer looking ones this year I might just get another to replace this hahaha as you can tell, I've got a tad of OCD. In any case, it's a recommended read from my part. Exhausting though when you've been reading for hours and hours throughout the weekend and now I'm all but brain dead. Goodness, it's Monday tomorrow.

In other news, December is not too far off and I am not too much looking forward to it. I bid you good night.