Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Tom Hiddleston Appreciation Post

Every now and then I like to take some time to express my appreciation for certain gifted individuals that this glorious universe have blessed mankind with. For example, my previous Naya Rivera Appreciation Post. This time round, my feels have accumulated so much so that my heart and mind can't take it much longer, especially since Thor: The Dark World was just recently released in the theatres.


Didn't pay that much attention to the smartass villain that is Loki until The Avengers came about. That movie brought forth a whole load of feels. Oh the fandom. The glorious glorious fandom. Loki was so irressitable in that movie, and still very much so in this new movie. Can never say no to the angsty villain eh? As if the character wasn't complicated and charming enough, the guy behind the feels had to be such a heartbreaker. Tom Hiddleston. How are you even real. No, really. Besides his undeniable acting skills...

this man can pull off a mean Alan Rickman impersonation.

Owen Wilson too, among many many other mindblowingly realistic impersonations.

He reads Shakespeare, and actually loves it. Don't even get me started on THAT VOICE.

THAT ACCENT. "Delayed gratification." Who says that.


Crazy how a great big smile completely changes how he looks.

To quote the Internet fandom people: 

gifs & images not mine. all Tumblr's!

Love love love spending time surfing the Internet looking for gems like these mainly because his charm lies mostly in his (seemingly) easygoing personality, his quick wit and generous humour. He is so insanely engaging even during interviews and whatnots! There was on particular night recently when I stayed up until 1.30AM in the morning just checking out the many Tom Hiddleston videos on Youtube, on a working night no less. Clearly, am borderline obsessed. Especially with his perfectly glorious voice. Actually listen to audio books/poems read by him when I have the time. Sigh.

Again I shall ask, how is the perfect human being that is Tom Hiddleston real.

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