Friday, December 13, 2013

A Night of Double Refreshment with Tiger Radler

Last Friday night, I scored invites to the Tiger Radler launch over at KL Live

We all know Tiger Beer way too well but what's Tiger Radler you may ask. Tiger Radler is an all-new variant of Tiger Beer that combines the crisp and easy-drinking taste of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice to produce a beverage that is doubly refreshing. If you know me well you'd know that I'm not exactly crazy over beer but Tiger Radler just rocked my world. First of all, that was quite an honour, to be one of the firsts in the country to get my hands on the new Tiger Radler. Malaysia and Singapore are actually the first two countries in Southeast Asia to introduce Tiger Radler, although the Europeans have been celebrating it over the past few months. Lucky them, but lucky us too because first in Southeast Asia yeah baby! Secondly, I LOVE LEMONS. Like, no joke I'd put lemons into everything if I could. So a (doubly) refreshing beer with natural lemon juice sounds absolutely yummy and you know what, it is actually really good for me. Genuinely enjoyed it very much!  

Arrived relatively early so #waitwhat snappity snap snap!

Holding the lemon like imma be on the cover of [the television] magazine lol you know, that Japanese magazine where television artists featured on the cover must hold a lemon hahahaha before long, emcee of the night Hansen Lee took the stage and introduced the first entertaiment of the night - comedian Andrew Netto. He may seem familiar because not only is he known as the youngest stand-up comedian in the country but he was also the opening act for Russell Peters' show in Malaysia! Definitely tickled a lot of funny bones that night, had a few laugh-out-loud moments myself so I'd say he was doing a pretty great job. Yeah, tough crowd here haha! 

After that, the lights dimmed and the crowd buzzed with restless anticipation. We knew the coming moments are going to be exciting and true to expectations, the official launch of Tiger Radler was a little more special than the usual cut-ribbon pop-confetti launches! A rather refreshing concept if I may say so. Some call it interactive media but I'd call it interesting enough. There were visuals of figures dancing and suddenly the real dancers pop out of nowhere and the backdrop visuals reacted amazingly to their fluid dance movements...

...and next thing I know everything was wonderfully gold and tadaa there you have it...

The all-new Tiger Radler! Double refreshment! 

The entertainment doesn't stop here. One Buck Short took the stage soon after and kept the crowd going with a couple songs. They sound pretty good live and their music's not too bad either. The local entertainment scene has really evolved throughout the years and it's real cool that Tiger's so supportive! Kyoto Protocol came on after that and continued to rock on! :D

One Buck Short

Kyoto Protocol

There was this little booth where we could get tee shirts customized you know and if we just show them an Instagram image with the hashtag #TigerBeerMY, #MyTigerRadler and #MyDoubleRefreshment we'll get a tee shirt absolutely free! Guests can even choose from the three colours (got male/female cuts also!) and I went straight for yellow. Told you I like lemons. I can't design to save my life either so I went for the pre-designed tees. Nice leh no questions asked at all, just flash update image to the Tiger Radler ambassadors and ok fine they did asked a question, they asked which colour I like hahahaha of course I chose yellow! If got gold sure power!

By this time I've already had a few bottles of Tiger Radler. Super love the natural lemon juice content, which contributes to the distinctively cloudy look. Cloudy is good, means there are real good stuff in there. The staff were so helpful, efficiently clearing out empty bottles off our table and replacing them with fresh bottles to our hearts content. Wanted to see what others are up to so I went to the lobby again and check out what's going on there. Surprisingly there were quite a handful of the crowd there taking pictures with each other and against the few cool Tiger Radler backdrops.

With Charis and Lydia! 

With the Joel! Thanks Henry for the shot!

With the awesome Caroline and Nicole! 

She knew I really like LUSH products so she got me a LUSH Snowman Bath Bomb on her trip to Singapore. SUPER AWESOME PLEASE. First Christmas present of the year yay! Thank you thank you thank you! We started hearing some real hard beats coming from inside and I dashed in to check out the DJ heating up the pa-pa-pa-party. Pretty light shows are pretty. Look at the colours!

I must confess, I went for another round of Tiger Radler and it was really really difficult to stop. It's really delicious and so refreshing that by the time the event ended I dashed off to another little gathering until late into the night teehee thank you Tiger and Nuffnang for making that Friday night a memorable one! Time to stock up on many many many bottles of #MyDoubleRefreshment on this festive party season!

Cheers to many more fun nights ahead, Tiger Radler!

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 I'll see you at the party! ;)

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