Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back to December

Holy mama it's December. Decembers have always been a difficult month for me. I've been secretly dreading it since last month but here we are, as Decembers as any Decembers can be. The first week started off not too great. I had an unpleasant Monday and thought that things could only get better, but Tuesday proved me wrong and so on so forth. It was as if anything that could go wrong went wrong and anyone who could be difficult were difficult. I find myself hanging on dearly to the tiny little sparks of kindness around me to get through the hour/day/week. At one point I asked myself, are all these dark feelings really coming from the relentless triggers around me or perhaps just a product of my hightened senses from a pre-determined perception of Decembers? I'm pretty damn sure it's the former but the latter does contribute to the prolonged melancholy. Don't get my wrong, it is wonderful to see Christmas decorations going up and Tumblr dashboard's all beautifully sparkly...but at the end of the day Decembers always come around with an unbearable ache in the soul.

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Perfect visual to sum up the month. 

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