Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Chicken at KyoChon Malaysia!

Fried chicken mmm hmm! If you don't love fried chicken you cannot be my friend!

Thanks to Nuffnang, the few of us recently got invited to a session at KyoChon @ One Utama. The first time I met KyoChon was at the Churpout 2013. People were lounging on bean bags at the grassy fields and tucking into toothsome fried chicken with their bare hands. Perfect picture or perfect picture. With such a teaser, it's no wonder the grand launch of KyoChon's first outlet in Malaysia came with such high anticipation. Expectations were high too, as KyoChon is known to be the number one fried chicken in Korea. With 23 years of history since it was founded back in 1991 and more than a thousand outlets across the world, this is their first Halal outlet. 


Situated on the new wing's lower ground floor, tucked in a corner, KyoChon's not too difficult to locate. Mind, KyoChon is NOT a fast food restaurant. The chickens are battered and dunked into the boiling hot canola oil only when an order comes in so it could take about 15 minutes for food to arrive. Delayed gratification, you know (*‿*✿) I actually like the feel of this outlet - the wooden furniture (imported from Korea) and rather rustic interior was simple and clean. All the tables have hooks under them too, just right to hang our handbags. Nice touch. Let's move on to the highlight now - FOOD. GLORIOUS FOOD.

KyoChon Sal Sal Chicken 

Fried boneless chicken strips coated with puffed rice bits and breadcrumbs. 
Can see why many friends love this, it's easy to eat and delicious. 
Proper chicken meat in there, no flour and other fillers nonsense. 

Comes with a choice of jambalaya, honey mustard or picked red pepper (not pictured) sauce.  
Jambalaya is a sort of Korean barbeque sauce btw. I liked the honey mustard best. 

They let us try these bowls of little cubed pickled radish too.
Really enjoyed it - it was fresh and crunchy - complemented the fried chicken well.

KyoChon's potato wedges made from potatoes from America.
You'd never know it's flavoured until you pop them into your mouth. 
Careful though, they're hot off the fryer! Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside mmm!

KyoChon Sal Sal Rice Bowl

A bed of rice topped with cubes of Sal Sal chicken, fresh lettuce, diced onions, chopped mango and olives.  
To be covered in this sweet sauce that beautifully combines all flavours. Sedaaaap!
Don't go all out though, pour only half of the little sauce jar's content. That'll be just enough.

Mandarin Salad with Grilled Chicken

I love that beautifully charred chicken breast. It's optional on the menu btw, RM6 to add-on chicken.
A light and healthy meal for those on a diet. The sauce is not too overpowering, real refreshing actually! 

Blueberry Salad.

Now that's a first. Blueberry dressing and fresh vegetables.

KyoChon Original Soy Series.

The singnature soy flavoured fried chicken yum yum yum! Hope this is the correct image wtf
A pioneer of the unique double-frying method, KyoChon's fried chicken are never dripping with oil you know!
Even as you take a bite and go all the way in, the meat is naturally moist, not oily at all. Super best.

KyoChon Honey Series.

The crunchy honey-glazed exterior was contrasted with flavourful and juicy chicken meat inside. 
So madly sticky and delicious. Best part is, the skin stays crunchy even AFTER it's gone cold.
KyoChon's chicken are said to be never frozen, all fresh from the farm and refrigerated. 
Hence you'll hardly ever find dark blood veins on the meat and the bones too are not blackened, but pale. 

KyoChon Red Series.

As the name suggests, these seemingly innocent chicken are covered with sauce rich in red pepper.
It packs a punch. It packs a great big punch to your tastebuds. Really spicy, and yet still flavourful. 
Don't know how they do it, but it works. Not exactly my kind of delicious torture, but don't mind if I do hehe

Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken

One of the (many) highlights, in my humble opinion. 
The grilled chicken thigh was deliciously tender and crazy juicy.
Comes with a little pot of sticky kimchi rice and fried egg. Wouldn't mind having it again!

and we're back to munching on Sal Sal chicken, potato wedges and more fried chicken! 

Ah great meal, great meal. I finally understand what they mean by..

They say in Korea people there like to have KyoChon fried chicken as a snack (to accompany alcoholic drinks especially) but after that wonderful meal, we were stuffed. I dare say I'd come back again soon for a proper meal. Seriously the fried chicken is fantastic, especially the honey series. Too bad they don't serve alcohol here in Malaysia, without a doubt it'll go great together. Maybe a special non-halal outlet one day in the future? Hehe I'd like that very much. 

I also respect the three promises KyoChon holds true to for all their customers:

1. To never ever to serve fast food 
2. To use 100% natural ingredients
3. To use only the freshest, healthiest chicken.

For now KyoChon is only available in One Utama but fear not dear friends, 
for it will soon be popping up in Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion and jeng jeng jeng - Mid Valley yay! Wait for it okeh! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° 

Gahhh looking at all the photos makes me hungry again for KyoChon fried chicken!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Want A Vivienne Westwood

You must know that I am not a brand-whore. Give me a Louis Vuitton and I might just sell it off for cash lol things may be different with a classic Chanel but the cliches like Louis Vuitton Prada Yves Saint Laurent I'm just meh. The only and only designer brand that I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with though, is British designer Vivienne Westwood.

This is Vivienne Westwood. 

Bold and beautiful, with splash of unconventional elegance unlike any other. 

Nobody does tartan like Vivienne Westwood. Nobody.

I want to fucking get married in a Vivienne Westwood dress

The signature orb is a classic.

Here are some of my faves that I'd LOVE to afford when I grow up.


 I'd kill for the upper right one - Black Kensington Watch £350.


Can't decide if I like the Diamante Heart Stud £65 or the Mini Metal Kate Turquoise £40 more.


Mad gorgeous, both the New Flag £170 and the Patch Leopard £240.


Been hankering for the Diamante Heard Pendant Red £75 for years.

This Jubilee Pendant Gold Plated Silver £260 though. Perfection.


All I need is these three:
New Chancery Bag 6318 Rossetto £290
New Chancery Bag 6320 Salmon £235
Embossed Tartan Bag 6304 Black £620

and I'm set for life.

The Legends

Armour Ring Gunmetal £185

Rocking Horse Ballerina £315


Perhaps a Miniature Orb Phone Charm £30 just for that extra kick

Not that I don't enjoy the decades of rebel and punk influences

but the current mellow styles are a tad more wearable, though with no less attitude.

Vivienne Westwood once said,

“my aim is to make the poor look rich and the rich look poor.”

Vivienne Westwood. Not for the faint hearted.

You go Glenn Coco.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The #TrixhasHipster Party!

Cannot believe that girl is 21.

I was saying hello to this one friend of hers at the party and asked how she got to know Trixha, to which she replied they met in high school. Naturally, I responded with a "wah that's quite a while ago.." but she was like, "mmm not really" and then I remembered Trixha's 21 wtf which meant high school really wasn't that long ago, compared to my relatively advanced aged. Sigh.

Anyways regardless of age, a party is a party and I've been looking forward to this! 。(⌒∇⌒。)

When she first confirmed the theme, Fresh Anne and I were discussing about outfits and gifts and instantly agreed on the one place where we can shop for presents - Publika, the ultimate (mainstream) hipster place hahaha! Once we got that sorted other things just fell into place. On that beautiful Saturday, I successfully made my way to LOKL Coffee Co  @ Jalan Tun HS Lee without getting lost. The rest of the group were going to be late so I proceeded with a solo selfie shoot at the carpark hahahaha just to show off my hipster outfit complete with random temp tattooes teehee that's two acorns, a reindeer with a star and a butterfly. 

Got these beauties from my indie designer friend Smanya, super hipster stuff!

This is the exact moment that I realized how beanies are so awesome to dress up messy hair. Anyways no point hanging around so I went over to the coffee place and my goodness all the hipsters in there! LOKL looks like the perfect place for this party too, definitely a pleasant atmosphere and level up hipster when Trixha brings in some of her personal decorations. Let's take a look around, shall we?

Hipster posters, checked.

Hipster chalkboard, checked.

Hipster coffee labels, checked.

Hipster brick wall, checked.

Hipster old school candy and photo props, checked.

Hipster galaxy cupcakes, checked!

Homemade by Trixha and her friend, no less. 

Never seen a birthday girl so hardworking, and damn that girl OCD. You know she allocated seats for every guest and properly labelled them so things don't get mixed up! Or maybe it's just a system she came up with to put #OffensiveAnne in a corner so nobody's feelings get hurt wtf plus Colleen Fresh and I to serve as a buffer for all the offensive things she could potentially say on that day hahahahah either way, we were seated next to the cupcakes so no complains there. Trixha gave us a load of souvenirs as well! She went to the US for a bit recently and came back with all these goodies for us. Looks, real Harry Potter stamps! The Japanese snacks are extra treats from her transit in Japan because she knows how crazy we get over Kit Kat and Jagabee! Too kind, too kind  ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣ 

There were still people arriving at the time so while waiting for lunch we wrecked havoc at the photo corner for some OOTD shots with the super fun props Trixha have prepared. Special thanks for Colleen for all the great pictures! Clearly most of the pictures here are taken with Anne's camera haha the not-so-nice pictures are from my phone. I'll let you figure out which is which. Pfft. 

Let's enjoy the hipsters overload!

#HipsterFresh and #HipsterOffensiveAnne

#DesignatedPhotographerColleen not-so-secretly judging #HipsterOffensiveAnne

#HipsterNaeust cannot tahan #HipsterNaeust


#HipsterNaeust and fave jar

The #Hapsters (sans birthday girl) 

Look damn haps kan ahahaha the behind-the-scenes were hilarious. We knew we wanted this exact effect so we had to exaggerate our actions and laugh ridiculously while making it all look candid. Lots of hardwork there, no joke. People were totally judging lol enough abs-xercise, time to dig in because it's meal time! The one and only reason we put in all effort to get off our beds on a Saturday noon for! 

The calm before the (food) storm

Part of the spread. FOOD IS MAD DELICIOUS.

Two types of desserts served. Now that's my kind of party! 


Seriously though. The food was fucking excellent. Either that or we were borderline starving. The salad, as pictured above, were fresh and crisp with chunks of mandarin oranges, cranberries and honey-coated almond slices dressed in a vinaigrette that wasn't too overpowering. In the menu it's called Beautiful Salad hahaha I had two (possibly three, but I'm not confirming this) servings, it was THAT great. The baked/roasted chicken too was tasty and super tender, while the soup...don't know what soup that was but it was close to a minestrone with lots of capsicum and other vegetables thrown in there and by golly that soup was the star of the day #dramatic we had three full bowls wtf yeah, three bowls, loud and proud. The pulled beef mini burgers and pasta were good too. The desserts though - chocolate mousse and creme brulee. Beyond expectations, I particularly enjoyed the creme brulee. The best I've had so far! 

My plate so clean.

Hi Sherlock 

BFF #waitwhat

aaaaaaand it was time to wreck havoc again,  this time with birthday girl Trixha! ♡♡♡ 



It gets more ridiculous, no thanks to Colleen's encouragement.


She even have a customized guestbook complete with stickers for us to write little notes and messages.

and then they made me do this, because I dressed like a hobo wtf


Seriously guys!

Nevertheless, homeless people or no homeless people, we had real fun times at the party! It's been AGES since I've been to a birthday party of any kind so that was really really nice plus there were door gifts given out! Candies cupcakes chocolate and all (ノ≧∀≦)ノ It was so fun that the after-party lasted until midnight hahahaha no lah actually everyone had left so Fresh Anne Colleen and I just stayed back at LOKL to chill and complain for the 28523947th time how our stomachs were going to explode. After that we went for yakiniku at Jaya One and coffee plus desserts at The Bee until late into the night with Chee Ching. HAPS BETUL KAN. 

That's why we're the #Hapsters. Good times, good times.

Thanks again Trixha for inviting us to your party. Happy birthday! ♡