Saturday, February 1, 2014

GakuPuro #2: Fukushima University & Game Nights

Second day in Fukushima - we're checking out of Tsuchiyu and heading to Fukushima City
Short point-form narrations here because nothing crazy happened, just a discussion-heavy day.

Sleeping on futons in a tatami room was a great first. Woke up feeling great!

Yeah, that's my peace-ful pose amidst Tsuchiyu's lush greens. Hahahahaha

Okay I fell asleep in the bus again. Woke up just in time as we're already at Fukushima University.
It's small, but real peaceful and nice. Well the weather nice, so by default everything else is nice lol (✿◠‿◠)

Extra precaution taken after the nuclear disaster, to assure peace of mind.
Didn't exactly researched radiation levels but judging by the usual state of affairs I dare say this is safe.

Couldn't resist testing out the accuracy ourselves. 
We had this handheld radiation tracking device throughout the whole program
and the boys really enjoyed reading the radiation level of many many things.

Results are immediate and this is it. Apparently wet/damp stuff tends to have a higher read.
That's why they were targeting the damp clumps of fallen leaves by the steps.

A little field for assembly etc oh I'd love to have a picnic to enjoy the beautiful sun and nature here.

Smooth pathways leading to mysterious corners and faculties. If only we could explore more!

Another side of Fukushima University. There's a little mart and cafeteria. 
We bought some snacks there before heading into all the serious business of the day.

Oh hai serious business.╭ (oㅇ‿ o#)ᕗ 

We were all separated into groups and was given time to discuss our first impressions of Fukushima
after which we gathered our thoughts to be summarized and presented by a few group representatives.
Key members of the Minami Souma Rotary Club were also there to make merry ahem assist.

Stacks of post-its were used. A bit of a culture shock there, not used to these sort of group discussions
Internesting insights into how Japanese students work really. Is this a norm though, or just a one-time thing? 
We look pretty serious, but really it was all quite casual - opinions and feedback flowed freely. Oh youth!

Luckily I had the help of a translator for all these complicated jargons.
Also, snack time hahaha these fluffy bits of stuff cannot be explained. Had no idea what's in it either.

aaaaand it was presentation time for each group! There were four/five groups if I'm not mistaken. 

A reporter and her camera crew were also there to capture our discussion process and presentation.
This is Hikaru and Tsuguto in action for their team!

My group mates presenting...without me hahahaha it'll take forever for me to explain so yeah #leftout
That's Erika, Hama-chan, Takahashi and Reiya (who can speak German woar!) 

Mandatory group picture after all's done. Thanks everyone for the hard work! (●⌒∇⌒●)  

After that mentally-exhausting afternoon, we checked in this youth hostel place.
Crap I really can't recall what this place is called, but we're to stay here for the new couple days. 
There's a huge hall covered in tatami mats and the boys are sleeping here. The girls got to share rooms yay!

Hanging out with Momoa, Rina and Chiharu while waiting for room keys. 
Everyone had tags and personal radiation-level-tracking devices hanging off our necks all the time.

Here's a bigger picture with all the participants. Why the guys and girls separated so properly hahaha
Everyone was saying how nostalgic this place is, and they're not from around town hmm
I'm guessing that as students, out-of-town trips and camps are usually held in places like this.

We were there for quite a bit and suddenly one of the organizers rushed in and turned on the tv
The reporter got her scoop and it went on air within hours. Super efficient or super efficient!
I am THAT close to Arashi already ok hahaha #waitwhat 

Dinner time at the cafeteria downstairs. 
That's hamburg with siew mai and salad and rice. YUMS.

Then we attempted to cycle out just to explore the area because everyone's never been to Fukushima
That's Hikaru, Ribon and Chiharu with me! I say attempted because I was real shit and Ribon had to take over
Plus we had no idea which way to go, somehow ended up in Baskin Robbins
It was a chilly night, but we were so keen for it hahahaha don't ask me how much it costs wtf

It was really getting cold so we went back for a nice hot bath at the communal bath place
Please allow me to state that there are no such thing as language barrier when it comes to fun time!
We played soooo many card games that night in the main hall and some of the guys bought snacks
They're pretty much the same card games we play in Malaysia like 21 and Bullshit (●⌒∇⌒●) 

Oh this is hilarious, because Hama-chan kept losing over and over again 
so he had to shuffle the cards for everyone over and over again we laughed like mad anticipating his loss

As the night went on some went to bed and some split into little groups
There were the Serious Conversation group, the Light ChitChat group, the Snacking group
and this is the Jenga Make A Lot of Noise group ahahahaha  

My hair so bright man serious. 
That's Diida, btw, from Indonesia he's so fun!

I love this photo like anything because of all the crazy unintentional poses everyone got caught in!
It was super late already and more went to bed so naturally those left are split into smaller groups and I got caught 
in the Serious Conversation group with Hama-chan and Sawa-san. Don't know what the rest are doing lol

Time to go to bed. Putting on our night time yukata  for commemoration haha
Super grateful to have them as roomies, so accomodating and easy to talk to ♥♥♥ 

Day two ends. Intense day three coming up soon. Ok maybe not soon. But it will come.


  1. That's a rather different experience from what others do in Japan. Mostly it's just school visit but you went to a university instead :D
    I once appeared on Japanese TV for 1/2 second before on their Kawaii TV show and I got a 'heart attack' moment so I'm thinking you might've felt that too, haha!

  2. Hi Hanie! WOAAAR you were on Kawaii TV? That's amazing, do you still keep a recorded clip, would love to see it hahaha yes definitely a heart attack moment esp when you're not expecting it! :D