Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pickings from Corpick

Oh Corpick (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ) 

All the quirky whimsical (and functional, I guess you really can have it all) homeware and personal goods that I'd love to have in my dream home. Founded back in 2011, Corpick is Malaysia’s first modern home and gift online store offering over 700 high-quality goods made from all around the globe! All are designed and crafted with the principles of quality and affordability in mind. In fact, 95% of their products are priced below RM500.00 and available exclusively only on Corpick Store in Asia as part of their devoted effort to make homes far more livable, interesting and personal. 

As the first step towards a beautiful home (also the best gift for any independant individual out there!), here's a little present from the generous folks from Corpick. Corpick is giving out RM50 Gift Card to spend on anything in their store - with no minimum spend required (HURRAH!). Just be the first 250 to email to receive the gift card okay! #waitwhat

Read on for a sneak peek of my fave items!

I've always wanted to move out. I've said this so many times before that you're probably tired of hearing this again. It's the mind-numbing traffic that's drawing out all the sunshine rainbows and unicorns from my soul. That, and I like the idea of absolute freedom in my own personal space. I've given this matter so much thought since I started working in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, one of my favourite stuck-in-traffic past times is to daydream on my ultimate dream home. For years though I've been telling friends that there are three things I absolutely MUST HAVE in my own home.

The first, a mini bar. Hello Kahlua, hello Malibu Rum. Nothing too fancy schmancy, just a little space for my happy hour times. Even if I wanted fancy I probably shouldn't, given the rate at which I knock into furnitures and break stuff around the house fml an interesting, functional space in a small corner would suffice. Look, like this.

Image from Pinterest

"Mom's coming, quick, hide the drinks!" 
The perfect storage made from solid European wood.

Coloured box purple from Corpick.

Secondly, a bathtub. BECAUSE BATHTUB. Who doesn't like taking long relaxing baths. I'll have tons of bath bombs and salts and scrubs and foams right next to it for the ultimate bathtime playtime. I'd totally keep the bathroom decor simple and have scented candles all over. Ah can totally imagine this in my head already. Hahahaha I also got this close to saying that I want a bookshelf next to the bathtub too, then it hit me that the humidity level in Malaysia could turn it into a mini moss garden. Oh well.

Image from Pinterest.

Let's not forget bright fresh flowers in a delightful vase.
The name of this vase is irresistable. Clouds and sky, so dreamy ♥

Clouds and Sky Vase from Corpick.

Mirrors are a must, duh.  The bigger, the better.
The frame reminds me of boats alongside beaches in Kanagawa, Japan.

Colour Mirror 4 from Corpick.

If I can't have a bookshelf in the bathroom,
I shall insist on pop of colour regardless.

Big Top Bookend Orange from Corpick

Third, a mini garden. Love lush greens and brightly colored flowers(ノ´∀`)Daisies, sunflowers, poppies, hibiscus, lavender, more sunflowers! Zero knowledge on how to grow these stuff but well, I could learn. Pretty sure there are tons of youtube tutorials on nature and stuff. I don't even need a proper garden garden, just some balcony space and lots of plant pots, thank you.

Image from Pinterest.

Strategically-placed vintage lanterns with lit candles at night.

Lantern Indi from Corpick.

Perhaps some whimsical plates for an Alice in Wonderland vibe.
Also for snacks and sweet treats while enjoying the fresh garden air.

Cat Plate and Rabbit Plate from Corpick.

Corpick believes that there shouldn't be anything more important than your home and the people around you, and I absolutely agree with this point of view. If I can have a comfortable, delightful home to go home to every day with my loved ones, ain't no insane city traffic is going to bring me down. Stay tuned to Corpick's Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates and dream home inspirations! 

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  1. vintage and whimsical. brings great warmth! :)