Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Perfect Gift for Christmas

着飾った街はもう幻想さ 年中でも悪くはないね
あぁ早く ねぇ早く 聖夜にならないかな? ♪

The embellished streets seem like an illusion,
Even if it's all-year long, that doesn't seem so bad, does it?
My heart races as I hid the present that you wished for.
Hurry, hurry, isn't it Christmas Eve yet? ♪

Hurry Xmas by L'Arc~en~Ciel.

A short verse from my favourite Christmas song ❤

Ahhh it's that time of the year again huh. You know Christmas is just around the corner when malls start to glitter with silver baubles and tinsels and offices start to ring with bells and chimes. Visited Mid Valley last weekend for lunch, and ended up spending four hours madly browsing all the shops. DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS. о(ж>▽<)y ☆

'tis the season to be jolly

So many people were carrying wrapped boxes and pretty bags - filled with gifts, no doubt - and most cash registers had a long line of shoppers waiting for their turn to make a payment. It a wonderful time to shop for beautiful gifts, yes, but the long waits and massive crowds can turn into a nightmare closer to the Christmas day as more last-minute shoppers make their way to shopping malls!

Boys and girls, fear not.

Now you can shop till your heart's content without fuss, without crowd, without traffic, without rush, thanks to the ZALORA Christmas sales - DO IT ALL ONLINE. Isn't it amazing, how the wonders of technology has made the world such a better place? From stylish apparels to beauty products (GET ME SOME), browse through the site in the comfort of your favourite couch at home, with some hot cocoa sprinkled with candy cane bits, and the latest indie Christmas tunes at the background.

Affordable prices, super convenient shopping process, all packaged and delivered straight to your doorstep. Exactly how I like it. The happy smiles of loved ones as the stylish fashion items reveal under festive papers and glittery ribbons, an undeniably warm pleasure that will soar through anyone's heart (*≧∀≦*)

Nino demonstrates.

My thoughts exactly when I saw these beauties on ZALORA.

Now excuse me, I need to load up my shopping cart on ZALORA. I love going through pages over pages of happy shiny new stuff (at incredible affordable prices!) and  running through the checklist of friends and family in my mind. Crop tops okay give party animal Fresh, statement accessories ok give fashion-savvy Xhawu, steal-worthy high heels ok give avatar Ah Beh, prettily-packaged makeup ok give beauty-addicted Carols, and the list goes on and on and on. Christmas sales are so much more fun without all the hustle and bustle!

Call me Santa, please. Merry Christmas!

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