Thursday, December 4, 2014

Yes, Still Alive.

*blows dust off*

OH HAI. I'm back. Previous blog design template sudah tarikh luput so I changed to a generic design template that ain't that bad after all. Times have changed huh. I still need a new design and all though! Damn it's been half a year since I was here.


Finally December huh. This year has been really great, can't wait to do a wrap-up post highlighting all the good stuff from 2014. Last year had its blessings, but still mostly miserable so I made a decision to focus on my own happiness this year. Best decision ever.

Though I'm dead broke all this year, for the most part I'm happy.

Next year will be different though. If this year's theme is "Selfish Happiness" then next year shall be "Fulfilling Responsibilities". Paying off loans, settling overdue summons, starting a proper saving account, remaking my car's aesthetics, redecorating my room, and all the other adult stuff that involves significant amount of money, fml. Am playing with the idea of taking my parents for a trip as well, since we've never been to any family holiday. Have been hopelessly selfish throughout this year, so time to give back a little I guess. Where to? Foreign countries may be out of the question for now, but let's start small. Sabah? Langkawi? Thailand? We'll see okay.

If I can stick to this rough plan, then I'll reward myself with a little trip to Taiwan.

Or Chagar Hutang.

Or both.

Calm thy horses. We'll see.

Anyway I've resolved to do more updates here because seriously, too many things to write about if I don't try to complete it now when I might as well name this blog Forever Throwback hahahahaha ok be right back!

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