Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flash with Alcatel Onetouch

Did you know that Alcatel Onetouch is an European brand? French, to be exact. 

With reasonably-priced phones alongside strong features, can’t say I’m surprised that Alcatel Onetouch has highly penetrated the Europe and American market, which seals its brand as one of the top ten best-selling smartphones in 2013! Hurrah!


I bet you’ve seen this around your social media bubble lately right! Here’s the big reveal – it’s a campaign from the great minds of Alcatel Onetouch, launched to embrace the culture of expressing individuality – THROUGH SELFIES! SAY WHAT! Alcatel Onetouch knows me better than I do!

 My #BeaFlasher post on Instagram just the other day. 

You all know me to be that idiot who stumbles into the wrong condo block, who gets lost in mall basement parkings, who takes the wrong turn on the way home, who needs Waze to survive a normal routine day, who arrives late for gathering because I got lost and all that jazz. Well, you haven’t seen me in Japan.

Anne and Colleen has, but nope, not you. 

Because in Japan, I am your most street-smart road-savvy tour guide that you’ll ever know!! 

Bet you didn’t see that coming huh huh  huh.

Alcatel OneTouch Flash

First, that’s a really cool name for a smartphone.

Secondly, it’s a smartphone designed, created, built, launched for all you selfie-addicts.

5MP HD Front Camera, 13MP Full HD Back Camera.

Good quality camera that can produce great photographs even with a noob owner like me hahaha! This phone actually has built-in beauty enchancer in its front camera so you don’t have to waste space for any lousy third-party apps, pfft. 5.5 inches HD screen for a better view for selfies, anyone?

May my individuality shine in every high-quality selfie taken with roadside shrubs! Thirdly, it’s already available in the market since early December 2014! I can’t tell you how much I cannot stand waiting, waiting, and waiting. THANK YOU, Alcatel Onetouch. Fourthly, HYDRASKINS collaboration. 

 Alcatel Onetouch Flash as the new fashion must-have, YES YES YES.

Watch this video that explains it all, the animated characters are so cute!


Or head straight here to get all the juicy deets – CLICK ME

Now excuse me while get my best face on to go selfie-crazy.

 Join me with YOUR Alcatel OneTouch Flash? Hehe

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