Monday, January 19, 2015

GakuPuro 9 : Wrap-Up Discussion and Happy Hour

Sudah hampir sampai penamatnya! after that visit, we went back to a youth association hostel place (clearly I've no idea) in fukushima city to check-in and relax a little before a long, hard night of brain-juice extraction. you know, calm before the storm and all.

 teen-drama tv shoot lol

international student reps - taiwan, malaysia and indonesia y'all. 
they speak flawless japanese you know, fml

the weather got sunny and the temperature was just nice.

and then we entered the warzone. a long night of discussions on what we have seen and learned and discovered and felt throughout the journey. without the interpreter fml. cannot thank hama-chan enough for doing his best to translate the core points to me and i did my best to understand. it was chaotic and super messy, in our own groups we talked and talked long into the night and prepared the presentation. it was particularly stressful because there are so many in a group and everyone has their own opinions on the complicated topic, but we had to present ourselves as a group and find a middle ground on most matters. in other groups, i heard some were even brought to tears, overwhelmed by the tension in the air. 

don't know if it's the japanese style of discussions or what, but a lot of post-its were sacrificed at the war. everyone wrote their own thoughts and opinions on each post-it and later shared with each other to sort all the notes into groups like "first impressions" "positive" "negative" "things we learned" etc.

after a few hours we managed to sort it all out into a few categories

divided presentation roles then go kepoh other groups lol

after all that work we went back to respective rooms for a shower to refresh 

and get ready for happy hour hehe some of the guys went out to get drinks and we met at midnight in the common room for some relaxation and snacks. just random chitchat, talk nonsense and take silly photos, as more left for bed the conversations got a little more serious and i felt so grateful to have been a part of it all. everyone was so considerate, accomodating and accepting despite my language limitations to the point that it doesn't matter anymore. fun times are fun times regardless of nationality and culture! 

ahh youth 

ending with a blurry group photo, such good times!

final post coming up next FINALLY. 

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