Sunday, January 11, 2015

Omotenashi Nippon


I love it, I love it so much. Never thought I'd get so much feels from a tourism ad campaign but damn, they did it right. This is the country that I love lol it's about thinking about others, considering the feelings of others, anticipating the needs of others, putting yourself in others' position. It sounds so simple but that's a lot of work and effort that goes into it, the thoughts that go into every details in serving others make Japan such an amazing country. We have a lot to learn from their service industry.

There was once, upon arrival in Malaysia, it was nightime and as we walked towards to immigration / baggage claim, those with heavy hand-carry baggages made use of trolleys provided to ease the long walk in KLIA2. When we were almost reaching that area, trolleys were not allowed in and at the border there were staff members dressed in  shabby t-shirt and jeans, in a sleepy unconcerned manner just pointed lazily to the side and said "trolley" to ask people to leave their trolleys there. Like wtf does that even mean? Are they even working there for real? I don't want to compare but you can't help it when you've seen better services.

Now how many times have you seen luggages who seem to be jutting out awkwardly, on the brink of falling off the baggage claim revolving belts? Do you know that in Japan, there are officers in proper uniform whose job is to arrange your luggage properly on the belt when it comes out? Even their drug-sniffing dogs are cute wtf but I don't know about other countries lah, I haven't been to enough places to make a list of top service in the world so I'm just speaking from my personal experiences. 

Credits to Japan National Tourism Organization for this great campaign that highlights the vital roles of those working behind-the-scenes to make sure each guest, visitor or customer enjoys a wonderful experience. Bacially the backbone of the entire tourism industry. I love how they put so much spirit and thought into their jobs. That's omotenashi, y'all. Hospitality in a whole other league.

Please watch this and get them feels and buy some air tickets.

I know I will. Soooooooon. 


  1. Hi! My name is Rara. I will visiting Japan soon. I have a question... Where I can get the Omotenashi Nippon flyers? I want it so badly because theres Arashi on it... Hahahah! Thanks! ^^

    1. Oh Rara! Oh no I just saw this comment, so sorry! Have you gone on the trip yet? :) I wish I know where to get them too, I'd love to have some. Do let me know if you spot them! ;)