Friday, February 20, 2015

Hollywood Cosmetics from Japan

Just the other day, Carols mentioned a skincare range that her friend from Japan had introduced to her. Apparently famous celebs in Japan also love this brand and before she could say any more, I was like, "STOP TALKING AND JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW."

Next thing I know I got a set in my hands. Good job, Carols hehehe it's not even available in Malaysia, at least not yet. The unbreakable bond between women and beauty products, ain't nothing going to stop a girl from getting what she wants to make her look nicer! 

Orchid Enzyme Pack by Hollywood Cosmetics

The concept and packaging are a refreshing change from the cutting-edge rocket-science-technology stuff we've been seing all over drugstores these days. This is simple and practical, I like. Each set contains the Orchid Pick Up Cream in 100g and Orchid Mask in 50g. A plastic cup and spatula is provided as well for convenience. It works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt for a brigther complexion. 

We'll see! The process is fun, you know. Here's how it works:  

Find the little cup lol

With the spatula, scoop out powder mask into cup.

The amount varies according to skin type. 

Sensitive - Half scoop
Dry - One scoop
Neutral - Two scoops
Oily - Three scoops

I've got combination skin that can be rather sensitive at times, which fits into neither category fml but I load up on one or two scoops anyways, just because it's so fun hahaha I've never tried any face mask that works like this before. Usually just slap on sheet masks and go on with life. For this though, there are little preparations involved which may feel rather therapeutic, I think. Makes me think that taking some time to prepare something good for myself doesn't sound so bad at all.  

Next, squeeze out three lines of the cream.

From bottom of the cup to the top edge, three times, that's how you can count the three lines. Don't have to be too particular about it, sometimes I do two and half, sometimes I do three. After that, with the spatula provided, combine the two ingredients in the plastic cup until it becomes a smooth paste. I did that once and found that using my fingers are so much more fun! Which is why for the past few weeks I've been using my fingers to both mix and apply, so satisfying hahahaha

Next. just apply on freshly cleaned face. 

There's a time guide for this step too.

Sensitive - 3 to 4 minutes
Dry - 5 to 6 minutes
Neutral - 7 to 8 minutes
Oily - 10 minutes

I'll just leave it on as long as I'd like to though, without setting a timer I'd aim for about 5 to 10 minutes. I guess that's the best part about using natural products, it won't burn your skin off if you leave it a minute more than you're supposed to hahaha it also smells fairly subtle, barely noticed it which is why am having a hard time trying to describe it. After a while, you can remove it with the spatula or cotton pads. I like to rinse it off right away with water. Didn't feel any tight, dry sensation after washing off. 

The first time I had this on, I thought I had such a hard time getting it off because of the slippery smooth feel when it comes in contact with water. It wasn't until I looked into the mirror that I realized that it has actually come off already, that's my skin that feels slippery smooth hahahaha first usage, didn't see a life-changing difference. Just slighter brighter, slightly radiant skin as per usual post-wash complexion. After wash, you can just slap on the usual skin care products.

It wasn't until several rounds later that I started to see a little more obvious results. It's been a few weeks now and I've been diligently using it once or twice a week. I daresay these days my skin tone is slightly more even, a tad brighter for sure. Pores have shrunk a little, contributing to an overall smoother effect. Must be all the enzyme working to bust those grime stuck in pores. Best part is, makeup glides on much easier and I just have to put on a small amount for sheer coverage.

My skin is still far from perfect, which is a nearly impossible goal anyway so I can proudly say that I'm happy with the current situation. I don't know what other factors may have contributed to the radiant and smooth condition, or how long this shall last, but hey if it's all thanks to the Orchid Enzyme Pack by Hollywood Cosmetics, I'll continue with this routine.  

Bonus! Nail Repair Serum by Hollywood Cosmetics

I have a bad habit of manually chipping off nail polish when it starts to chip a little. This causes the nail surface to strip off and you'll see little white patches on the surface. Simply speaking, it's bad for your nails. 

A few days after I got this, I had the perfect situation to test it out on those pesky little white patches hahahah just turn the pink tip according to the arrow, and gently squeeze.  A pearly white serum will ooze out of the transparent rubber applicator, with which you will rub onto the nail surface. I like to rub it in further with my fingers after that, and within seconds it will absorb and turn into a matte, velvet film over the nails, feels real smooth to the touch. 

I did it a few times over a day, and it soon repairs my nails into a dull, healthy shine. Cuticles will be softened and nourished too. I have chronic dry skin, which is real apparent especially on my hands. For me, this also works as a quick saver if I need my cuticles and nails to look moisturized and healthy before heading out for a meeting. It looks unbelievably great! So glad for the opportunity to try these products, please head to Japan to get it hahahaha many thanks to Carols! 

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